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The Week in Yoga #86

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Happy New Year, everyone! We hope you had a wonderful holiday filled with love and laughter. In case you were too busy celebrating, here's your review of the Week in Yoga!

Enjoy, and have a wonderful and yoga-filled start to the New Year.

quotes from literature12 Quotes From Literature that are (Secretly) About Yoga

Once you start spending serious time on the mat, your attitude changes. You start seeing yoga woven into your life. When you read a really awesome quote from literature, you see the subtle yogic correlation in that, too. Read more…

pistol squatHow to Do Pistol Squat, or Toe Stand

Padangusthasana is a yoga variation of a traditional Pistol Squat. This shape has picked up a ton of different names across the globe including Toe Stand, Duck Beak, Shoot The Duck, Single Leg Squat… the list is endless! Read more…

kickstart your morning5 Ways to Kickstart Your Morning

How often do you wake up full of energy, clear, calm, and ready to take on anything the world throws at you? Yeah, me neither. The question is why? And there are as many answers as there are people out there. Read more…

holistic benefits of downward facing dogThe Holistic Benefits of Downward Facing Dog

Whether you enjoy Hatha yoga, Hot yoga, or something in between, the truth is you can never practice too much Downward Facing Dog. This pose benefits your entire body and mind, and can give your heart the emotional boost it’s been looking for. Read more…

places to do yoga in san francisco3 Most Beautiful Places to Do Yoga in San Francisco

If you are visiting San Francisco there are so many stunning places to practice outdoors. Not only is it a great chance to exercise, you’ll be able to do some amazing sightseeing as well. Read more…

new year's resolutionsWhy You Shouldn't Have New Year's Resolutions

When I reflect on my past resolutions, I cannot think of a single one I actually managed to keep. Not to my surprise, most of them involved losing weight and joining a gym. Read more…

parent's loveEmotional Video Shows a Parent's Love (VIDEO)

Have your parents ever lied for you? Not the kind of lie to keep you out of trouble, but the kind of lie to keep you happy. In this emotional commercial, the true extent of a parent’s love for their child is shown. Watch here…

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