The Week In Yoga #34

Today's Week In Yoga has tips and tricks you'll find useful to cope and keep up with all the holiday madness and goodness—tips to help you let go of fears, make you more receptive of what the next year can bring, yoga poses to keep you healthy (especially with all the yummy holiday food!), and tons more.

If you haven't caught up yet, here's what you've missed:

7 Steps to Manifest Fabulousness in 20157 Steps to Manifest Fabulousness in 2015

We all have dreams that we would like to one day being to reality. With the mental and physical practice of yoga as our foundation, here are my steps to manifest fabulousness in 2015. Read more…

6 Standing Yoga Poses to Improve Your Balance6 Standing Yoga Poses to Improve Your Balance

You struggle to balance so the postures are frustrating, but if you don’t practice those postures, your balance will never improve. Here are six standing yoga poses that'll help. Read more…

How Letting Go of Your Fear of Backbends Can Change Your LifeHow Letting Go of Your Fear of Yoga Backbends Can Change Your Life

If you’re someone who feels hesitant, uncomfortable, or fearful about backbends, then acknowledge that you feel that way, and then start small. Read more…

4 Poses to Ground Your Energy After Flying4 Yoga Poses to Ground Your Energy After Flying

Well, we’ve made it through the busiest travel time of the year. Completely booked flights, cramped rows, and little-to-no-leg space can wreak havoc on the body. Read more…

3-Body-Movement-Tips-To-Burn-Off-Holiday-Treats3 Body Movement Tips To Burn Off Holiday Calories

How do we keep burning calories after a workout? Here is the 3-ingredient recipe for fat burning, especially at this time of year when you want to burn off holiday calories. Read more…

How Bikram Yoga Changed My LifeHow Bikram Yoga Changed My Life

It’s hot. I’m sweaty. The guy next to me smells. What do I do with my leg? Why am I here? When will the teacher turn on the fan? These are some of the questions I asked myself. Read more…

Top 5 Seated Yoga TwistsTop 5 Seated Yoga Twists

Seated yoga twists fire up the digestive system to get things moving as well as stretch the back, shoulders and neck. Here are five great twists to stretch your body and put your mind at ease. Read more…

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