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The Truth About Lies

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Lies are a cover-up for freedom and happiness. At first telling a lie may seem like freedom because then you avoid telling the truth about something you did wrong. The truth is that the truth can never hurt you when you allow your heart and soul to guide you. If those around you apply this very principle then the same holds true. But why are there lies then?

Our Mistakes Make Us Lie

The very nature of being human is the freedom of choice. With that it becomes the inevitable process of learning from our mistakes. We all make mistakes. The degree of the mistake can span from very simple to the utmost complicated. A mistake can represent a simple error which can be easily corrected. There can also be the mistake we make that leads to a series of mistakes. Usually the second one leads up to the snowball effect of lies. Lies allow us to continue to make mistakes because we never acknowledge it for what it is. Instead we make our mistakes justified when they are not.

Then Our Lies Take Over

Why talk about lies? The reason is to regain back ownership of who we are. It is first and foremost about being honest with ourselves. It is very common for us to lie to ourselves. We can be so convincing. We even believe our own lies. Or worse we don’t even recognize our own lies. We forget the reasons why we even lied in the first place. Think about it. Lie after lie can become confusing. It becomes too much.

Hiding Your True Self

Does it get to the point where we don’t even know we are telling a lie? Yes, of course. Let me give you an example. While on a trip to Europe I had a headache and didn’t feel very good. When I was asked by someone who knew I was ill how I was feeling I replied, “I’m ok.” But I wasn’t ok. She pointed this out to me. I guess I got used to saying:

“I’m fine.”

“I’m good.”

“It’s ok.”

Yet all these phrases are merely ignoring how we truly feel. I had to be in a different country to learn this about myself. When I returned home I came with my eyes wide open and my ears as well. Everywhere I went I began to hear these three phrases by various people, known people as well as strangers. I realized it wasn’t just me but many others who have these automatic responses. It’s as if we could never admit being anything other than “good.”

Can it work the other way around as well? Of course. And many are guilty of the same thing. For example, we are super excited and really happy about an idea or an accomplishment. But guess what? We don’t share it with the same enthusiasm. We down play the goodness in our life.

So What's The Truth?

What is the truth about lies? The truth is lies come into existence because we make it so. We want to share who we are with others. We want people to get to know us and we want them to like us. The very creation of a lie comes from underlining fear, shame, or guilt. There is no need to fear the past or the future. There is no need to fear that we may be hurting someone’s feelings. There are ways to let go of the shame and guilt. We don’t there is a way out of lies, but there is. The truth about lies is that all we need to do is be ourselves, to be our true selves. To be beings who love and have peace within to share to the rest. We are people who must be proud of who we are and grateful for what we have.

Lies may be fun to read in fictional novels, soap operas, and movies because of the excitement. In life, in your life and mine, the excitement already exists in our very existence and that is all we need. The truth is that it’s all about happiness.

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