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The Real Reason Why You Haven’t Lost That Extra Weight

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How many times have you told yourself, “I just have ___ more pounds to lose” or “If only I could lose those last ___ pounds” only to never see the scale budge? What if I told you the real reason you haven't lost the weight has nothing to do with what you are eating, or how much exercise you do? It's not about your hormone levels, your kids, stress or work. It has nothing to do with your travelling or your willpower.

Yes, all of these are factors, but these are not the deep down, true reason you haven't lost weight. Why? Because all of these things can be dealt with and changed. All of these factors are easier to recognize than the deep down and dirty reason you haven't lost weight.

So what is it? What is this real reason that lurks deep inside?

The real reason you haven't lost those last few pounds is doubt.

You haven't lost weight because deep down inside, you don't believe you deserve it. But the truth is you do. You deserve to live a healthy, happy life. You just have to believe it.

We are constantly being told that we aren't good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, or aren't perfect enough. And the person telling us this is usually ourselves. So today, make a change to believe in yourself. Know that you are perfect here and now, and anything else would just be the improvement of a masterpiece.

Losing those last few pounds won't make you a better person, but it can make you feel healthier and lighter from the inside out. Here are 5 ways to drop the disbelief and regain your confidence in YOU, so you can start living happier and drop that extra weight for good!

1. Start Living it Today

Ask yourself, are you putting things off until you lose weight? Is there a cruise you want to go on, clothes you want to buy, or a life you imagine living, but not until you lose more weight? If you are constantly holding yourself back from living life fully, you are telling yourself that you don't deserve to live that spectacular life.

And if you don't believe you deserve it, then you'll never believe you deserve to lose the weight and start living it. Instead book your trip, buy a new dress, and start living the life you picture when you close your eyes. You just might find that all the true happiness and enjoyment, the real confidence and self-love, and the belief that you deserve this helps you to let go of the weight that was once holding you back.

2. Drop the Negative Talk

Do you look at yourself (or others) and immediately critique your thighs, waistline, wrinkles, hair, muffin top, butt, feet, smile, and every last inch of your body? And does your critique usually take a turn for the worst, with negative comment after negative comment?

If you keep telling yourself you aren't good enough, you'll never feel good enough. And when you don't feel good, you are more likely to reach for lackluster comfort foods and habits to give you a temporary high. Instead of judging your body, remember how amazing it is. Thank your wrinkles for being signs of years of smiles. Thank your belly and hips for bearing your children. Thank your butt and thighs for being strong enough to hold you up when your world felt like it might fall apart.

The more you love your body and rejoice in what it can accomplish, the more you'll seal in the belief that you can let go of the weight.

3. Ease Up on Yourself

Sometimes (ok, many times) losing weight is just plain hard. Living healthy, especially to start, can be hard. Being kind to yourself can be hard. So ease up a bit. No one is perfect, and no one should strive to be. There is no fun in it, no enjoyment, and it's mostly creates stress.

Instead of getting anxious and guilt-tripping if you venture off your healthy path, use it as a guide to let you know something might be missing or not working for you. Ease up from time to time and you'll let go of stress, pressure, and probably a few pounds.

4. Find a Bigger Reason

Oftentimes, you need to look beyond yourself to make big changes that last a lifetime. Losing weight for yourself might not be enough, especially when you are first starting to believe you deserve it. Set an outward goal to keep you motivated.

Maybe you need to get and stay healthy so you can live long enough to see your kids and grandkids grow up. Or maybe you need to start exercising and eating healthy to set a good example for your family and friends and motivate and show them that they too can kick old, unhealthy habits.

Stay connected to the bigger picture to see that you , and everyone, deserve to be healthy and happy.

5. Release the Comparisons

Stop comparing yourself to your friends, family, and celebrities. It just doesn't work. The magazines have been photoshopped and the TV shows have perfect lighting. Looking that way everyday just isn't realistic. Comparing yourself to a friend or family member isn't realistic either, because we are all shaped and built differently.

Your friends and family members have their own worries, their own stress, and sadly, probably their own body image concerns as well. Instead of comparing yourself to them, the good and the bad, just celebrate them. Think “I am beautiful. They are beautiful”. Because you are. And they are. And you all deserve to be healthy and happy.

You are already beautiful. You deserve to be healthy and happy, no matter what weight you are.  Let go of the disbelief and let go of the weight. And remember the real reason to lose those last pesky pounds: You deserve to live a healthy, happy life of your dreams.

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