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The Importance of Sisterhood: 7 Tips on Nurturing Your Sisters

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The truth is, I work a lot. I travel to fulfill my dharma to teach peace and inspire happiness. I’m in different time zones, and often lack reliable WiFi or have low bandwidth. I can’t afford an international cell phone plan, just cheap sim cards for local calls.

Even when I’m not off-grid, I meditate a lot by myself so I’m still off-grid (in a sense, living in another realm.) I’m also an introvert hiding in plain site as an extrovert, which requires time alone to recharge. I get so involved in my role of healer-teacher that I forget to leave time to stay more connected.

What has changed for me, as I get wiser, is how important sisterhood is now more than ever.

The Importance of Sisterhood

Truth: I’ve been monogamously married or partnered for most of my life. Another truth? Men will be outlasted by women in my life.

So a note to my fellow women: when we meet in person, I’ll call you sister. I’ll write to you and speak to you as my sister. Our sisterhood unites us so we can serve everyone else in our families and do our best in our work. We are NOT in competition with one another for anyone or anything. Everyone wins!

For me, a pinky swear still stands; a promise is a promise. The invisible Red Tent where we supported and survived together for centuries still exists. This is because I truly believe that sisterhood is a bond worth keeping. Here are my 7 tips and reminders on how you can nurture your sisters.

Credit: Silvia Mordini

1. Let go of negative people in your life.

Edit women out who hold you down, compete with you, are jealous of you or otherwise don’t support your conscious growth. Your near energy field is precious. Protect it by staying most awake to those that raise your vibration.

2. Patience picks up where you left off.

True sisters don’t judge you by your lifestyle—they do their best to be the best sisters no matter how busy or available you are.

3. You don’t have to conform.

I’ve been kicked out of sisterhoods where I didn’t want to keep editing myself away to sameness in order to fit in. It’s going to be ok. They did me a favor. If this group of women don’t accept you as your authentic self they are not your tribe.

4. Pay attention.

We have wise women elders to help us—seek them out and listen to them. Are you, in fact, a young elder helping other women? Who are your role models? Who’s watching over you? Would you want the life you lead for your own daughter?

5. Learn to cheer loudly for other women.

Practice visible gratitude for the women who inspire you. Don’t hesitate to tell the world how amazing, talented, and dedicated these women are. Raise both hands up in the air for one woman and we, as a collective of women, all get stronger!

6. Let others be your “fan girls.”

Get over the discomfort of having other women cheer for you. Don’t shy away or try to invalidate other women’s compliments and praise of you. The more we demonstrate positive examples of women supporting women, the more we heal the disconnect to the sacred feminine. Our daughters, nieces, little sisters need to learn from us.

7. Get together!

Growing up, I remember all sorts of reasons why my mom would gather with her female tribe. These include playing cards, quilting, and canning. Today, we still need to make a point to schedule book clubs, vision boarding, scrap booking parties, and so much more.

Here’s another truth, my mom has lived 20 years without my father after he suddenly passed away at 59 years old. Her sister friends have kept the quality of her life high, and they are still there for her through joyful times and the most distressing moments.

How many women have you actively helped in the last twelve months or even yesterday? Dedicate this year to be the time you make sisterhood important again. The world needs us to come together.

Image credit: Silvia Mordini

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