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The Distance Between Falling and Flying

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There's always that one yoga pose that appears almost impossible to pull off. For me, that’s the shoulder stand. It has always been an unattainable feat almost perpetually reserved for 'other people.'

Until one day, I managed. Just like that.

In retrospect, I think there are 3 important things that you’ll need to do the seemingly impossible:

1. Faith

While control over life seems like a terrific idea, I highly doubt that in practice anyone ever has their life completely sorted out. Surviving amidst all this chaos  has a lot to do with letting go and having faith that even if you don't fly, you surely won't fall. For the longest time, it has been inconceivable to me that I can balance myself in an inverted asana without falling over. Getting anywhere with difficulties on and off the mat has a lot to do with trusting yourself and trusting the universe.

2. Patience

It took me a while to understand that balance and strength is a blessing which finds its way to you eventually, at its own pace. But find, it does. From what I understand, to be a recipient of the blessing you must first be thoroughly committed to your yoga practice until finally you find your way to your blessing…and your blessing finds its way to you.

3. Guidance

An excellent yoga instructor is crucial to advancement. Every time trouble visits in life, or every time I attempt a challenging yoga pose, it is kind of an adventure. The way I see it, falling is innate and balancing needs to be taught and practiced, broken down in baby steps even.

All of yoga has a beautiful metaphoric richness. It is the art of balancing that truly manifests our aspiration to transcend and to defy the gravitational pull of forces that conspire to pull us down. If you embrace faith, patience and guidance, it in itself leads to joy and serenity.

And maybe, just maybe, you never have to fall again.

Nayab T.-by Nayab T. – Nayab is a freelance writer who is passionate about yoga, chocolate and philosophy. She's a feminist and an introvert who loves words, kindness and people who speak softly.


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