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The Best Yogic Lesson That All Babies Know

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As adults, we are often plagued by the idea of time. The past torments us with all the things we could have done differently, and the future terrifies us with all the things that could go wrong. I feel like all my talents of imagining I was a mermaid as a child have been transformed into visualizing everything in my life that gives me anxiety.

Your rational mind knows that there is nothing you can do to change the past and that the future is undetermined, but why do we still fret?

The Construct of Time

Our emotional selves hold on to these distant realities. How many fights have you gotten into with someone because of something they did months ago that you still resent them for? Or how many times do you find yourself freaking out about something that hasn’t even happened, but you are scared that it might and get mad about it anyway?

Our egos are attached to the past and future because our lives are so dictated by the collective time we all try to keep. Our concern with time is what maintains mass organization, and it does benefit society as a whole. It would be kind of hard to get anything accomplished if everyone had an “I will get there when the moment moves me” kind of attitude.

Although this is an amazing way to be when you live on an off-the-grid hippy commune, it’s probably not so good for day traders.

Regaining Freedom

We need time as a way of keeping order for humanity, but as an individual, the notion of time can be quite daunting. It has a deep effect on our psyches and causes immense stress. That’s why vacations are so lovely; not only because you are not working, but because it’s a time in life when it doesn’t matter what time it is.

But do you know who doesn’t give a flying fuck in a rolling doughnut about what time it is? BABIES! They have no concept of time because all they have is the now! Babies are like miniature Buddhas!

We all start out life being absolutely comfortable in the present moment; it’s only through the passing of time that we are corrupted by it. Yet we have it inside us to return to this primal relationship to time and to completely surrender to what’s happening right in front of us. Babies are a great example of this and can teach us this yogic lesson.

Perhaps the total acceptance of the now is why babies are so happy. And maybe that’s also why they think peekaboo is so damn funny? Because really, where the hell did you just go and where the F did you just come from?

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