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The Best Manduka Yoga Mat

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If you check yoga mat reviews, you'll see that Manduka is one of the most popular brands of yoga mats and is known for their integrity in using eco-friendly materials in making the Manduka yoga mat. All the yoga mats they offer are made of sustainable or biodegradable materials, something that's considered a non-negotiable to a lot of yogis. If you, like thousands of other yoga enthusiasts, are sold on Manduka's eco-friendly, high-quality yoga mats, let us help you decide which Manduka yoga mat to get based on these important aspects.

Comfort and Support

Even Manduka gives their own ratings on their yoga mats; and in the category of support and comfort, it's their Black Mat Pro that takes the cake. When it comes to yoga mats, support and comfort translate to thickness and cushion. So if you are the type who needs sufficient cushion and thickness on your yoga mat to be comfortable when doing sitting or kneeling positions, the Black Mat Pro is the Manduka yoga mat for you. Their length also makes it ideal for those doing jump backs and jump throughs, so you don't have to constantly readjust yourself to fit on your mat. The Black Mat Pro is made of sustainable material, durable, and has a high level of slip-resistance. However, this Manduka yoga mat ranks low on portability – it's formidable density and size weighs it down, making it a not-so-wise choice for frequent travelers.


Whether you're shopping for yoga clothes or yoga mats, naturally you're going to want something that will last you for a long time. So if you don't have much requirements for your Manduka yoga mat other than durability, your best bets are the Black Mat Pro, ProLite, or the eKO. Manduka rates the Black Mat Pro and the ProLite as the most durable types of Manduka yoga mat, with the eKO SuperLite getting the lowest rating for longevity and durability. Lightweight and travel-friendly yoga mats are more prone to tear and wear because of they are a lot thinner than the typical mats you find in yoga studios and sporting goods stores. If you want a Manduka yoga mat with good support and a long life span, then the eKO Manduka yoga mat may be the one for you.

Grip or Slip-resistance

For some yogis, there is nothing more important in a yoga mat than having a good surface with a good grip. Perfectly understandable, after all, the last thing you want is to be struggling to maintain your stance or pose because your Manduka yoga mat has gotten wet with sweat. This is why, when it comes to slip-resistance, all the yoga mats the company offers has more than enough grip to make sure you don't slip when doing different yoga poses. If your main consideration when buying a Manduka yoga mat is grip, you can't go wrong with any of the mats the company offers.

Weight and Portability

If you travel frequently or do yoga in between going from one place to another (office, home, client meetings, holidays, etc.), you need a lightweight Manduka yoga mat that won't be a pain to carry around. The eKO SuperLite is the most travel-friendly Manduka yoga mat, with the eKO Lite only placing second. The tradeoff, however, to having a REALLY lightweight Manduka yoga mat is that there is not much cushion / support. And if you're not careful, can tear or wear out easily because it is made of thin, lightweight material. The upside is that due to its thinness, you can easily fit a lightweight Manduka yoga mat in your yoga mat bag along with other accessories you may need like a yoga mat towel.


If cost is the primary consideration for you in choosing which Manduka yoga mat to buy, the lowest priced yoga mats are the eKO SuperLite and eKO Lite Mat, which sell for roughly $39 and $46, respectively. But if you're at the other end of that spectrum, and believe that the ones that cost more are of better quality, then the Manduka PRO is the Manduka yoga mat for you. Manduka PRO sells for $104, although you will probably be able to get it for a lower price depending on where you buy your Manduka yoga mat online.

The "Green" Factor or Eco-friendliness

Another thing that has made Manduka yoga mats so popular is their use of environment-friendly materials in making their mats. In terms of eco-responsibility, all the different types of Manduka yoga mat rank high because the materials used are either sustainable or fully biodegradable. This aspect of the Manduka yoga mat is important to a lot of people who practice yoga because yoga isn't just a physical practice, it's also spiritual. And among the spiritual goals of yoga is to find inner peace and get in touch with your core so you can live a peaceful life that reflects respect for life as well.

So you see, there is really no single answer to the question of which Manduka yoga mat is the best. What you will consider as the best Manduka yoga mat should be one that meets your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. Knowing which of the aspects discussed above are most important to you will help you easily decide which Manduka yoga mat is best for you.

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