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The Art of Homework for Private Yoga Clients

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Homework in a private yoga setting can take many forms.

It can range from a pre-made template you fill out on the spot for your client to keep, a comprehensive outline of poses and your session including yoga hieroglyphics (I call these "yogiglifics," they’re little stick figure yogis), or a follow-up email with a recording from your session and a customized sequence.

The approach we take as private yoga teachers varies depending on our training and private yoga lessons delivery—but having some form of ‘homework’ is a definitely do for almost every private yoga teacher.

Why assign homework for private yoga clients? Here are four great reasons.

1. Go PRO.

It ups your pro factor instantly and adds immense value to your private yoga teachings. Let’s be honest, if your private package costs upwards of $125, it should pack value and outcome for your clients, and then some, and a tangible takeaway is a great element of value.

2. Create personal growth.

Homework helps your clients create consistency in their habits and personal practice by giving them actual notes and a plan. Homework can be a catalyst for setting boundaries, expectations, and can create momentum and accountability for your client.

3. Keep it relevant.

It keeps the work relevant, even if you stop working together. Your teachings and their benefits live on, which is what we all want as yoga teachers. Plus, when and if your client is ready, they’ll know you are the one to help them get where they want to go.

4. Provide tangible tools.

Homework allows you to give them a tangible tool to work on XYZ of their practice with your support during your one-on-one time and post-sessions.

Incorporating homework in your teaching is akin to passing off a comprehensive evaluation of where they are in their practice, what they can work on with your guidance and on their own, and some step-by-step elements for them to focus on.

Hone in with Homework

The homework you assign to your clients should be a direct result of who you work with one-on-one and what your specialty is. It can be delivered in a variety of ways and each one should be evaluated as a solution based on how you teach, who you teach, and what you teach.

Consider the use of paperwork sequences, video, audio teachings, and creative expressions of homework like pictures or a “Member’s Only” area.

The key to making impact with your clients is extending the value of your work together even beyond the hour or two you see them each week—homework does exactly that.

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