TerraFrog Releases Limited Edition Yoga Tank

For the fashion-conscious (or for most women, actually), working out doesn't mean you have to look drab while you're sweating the pounds off. Aside from comfort and fit, most people also consider style as an important factor when they're picking out yoga clothes. TerraFrog is one of those clothing brands that combine comfort and style to provide designer sportswear for the stylish yogis and gym-goers.

Canada-based TerraFrog Clothing Corp. is known for their exclusive designs on yoga and sportswear, with their product distribution limited to their online store and select retailers in Canada and the US. Their latest limited edition yoga tank is called "Ice Cream Squares" (pictured above) and is already up for sale on the company's website.

These limited edition yoga tank designs are only released thrice a year and in limited numbers too, so they tend to sell out pretty fast. Back in 2009, one of Terrafrog's limited edition tanks called the "Pink Tartan" sold out a mere 72 hours after its release. The Ice Cream Squares tank is currently listed on TerraFrog's website for CAD$59 or roughly US$58.


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