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Tantric Yoga – How to Be Sexually Healthy

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The reason why yoga is such a popular and powerful exercise is because it aims to improve one's health as holistically as possible. We all know that the major benefits of yoga would be on the improvement of physical health as well as in solidifying spiritual basis. On top of those, however, there is one specific kind of yoga practice which focuses on sexual health. This kind is called Tantric Yoga.

The Importance of Being Sexually Healthy

It is scientifically proven that sex produces physical benefits, both for men and women. Research has found that not only does sex relieve stress, it also boosts one's immunity because of the development of more immunoglobulins or antibodies. Then of course, there is the more common benefit of calorie-burning. Because of all these boosts to one's physiological system, Tantric Yoga focuses on how these benefits can be better achieved through the sexual act.

Achieving the Benefits With Tantric Yoga

Tantric Yoga, an offshoot of Kundalini Yoga, endorses the practice of Karezza, which teaches how to prolong the sexual act. It is during sex that the biochemical energies of the body go hard at work and provide a whole lot of positive effects to the rest of the physical system. From brain wave stimulation to multiple orgasms, Tantric Yoga harnesses this sexual energy to relieve and alleviate ailments from the body. First and foremost, Tantric Yoga promotes better blood circulation, as well as detoxification and muscle strengthening, which are also achieved in other kinds of yoga practices. What makes Tantric Yoga different, however, is that it makes a more deliberate and conscious use of one's personal space, specifically when partnered with someone else. It is in this harmonious movement of unified bodies that improvement to overall health – be it mental, physical or sexual – are achieved.

Tantric Yoga Practice Guides

Ancient Hindus have provided a manual that will aid in the practice of Tantric Yoga, by presenting a whole slew of sexual positions that can help couples achieve its full benefits. You might be more familiar with it as the Kama Sutra. Written in the fourth century, the positions for the sexual act depicted in the book are beyond the ordinary. Some may even find it impossible and difficult to enjoy. However, with proper learning and execution, these positions become very feasible. Practicing the positions regularly will help men address their problems with erection and ejaculation, while women can experience orgasms that can last for hours. Among many other benefits identified with the practice of Tantric Yoga would be the elimination of depression and stress, relief from menstrual cramps, elimination of urinary-tract, incontinence, and erection and ejaculation issues, as well as the strengthening of the immune system.

Some people may not be comfortable with the notion of achieving spiritual healing through a sexual act, but that is precisely the point of Tantric Yoga. Above all, it promotes awareness and comfort with one's own body. It is believed that this consciousness enables the body to connect with mind and spirit, thereby making yoga the powerful exercise it is known to be.

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