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Tantra Yoga – More Than Sex

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Tantra Yoga is commonly associated with sexual practices and the Kama Sutra. However, did you know that the term “Tantra” actually means “expansion”? More specifically, the expansion of the mind. Tantra Yoga has little to do with blunt sex. It’s a spiritual science that aims to align a persons soul or spirit with his or her body and it’s absolutely worth checking out.  This is not an article about the sexual side of Tantra Yoga. This article explains the actual purpose and superbe benefits of the practice itself.

Aligning Your Body and Mind

While it is true that the practice of Tantra Yoga can do wonders for your sex life, its core value is not based on that alone. Instead, the true concept of Tantra Yoga is that it’s a path to breaking free from your perceived physical limitations using the power of your mind. Intrinsically, its aim is to improve and upgrade your bodily and spiritual energy into higher levels. This access can only be reached if the energies of the body are able to align with that of those mind.

Okay, this may sound a little like spiritual rocket science, but what it means is that Tantra Yoga is a great way to discover a connection between your mind and your body. Think of your body as a horse and your mind as the rider. The horse wouldn’t know where to go without the rider and the rider wouldn’t be able to reach his or her destination without the horse. Both are equally important and both must work together. Tantra Yoga helps you to establish this connection so that your body doesn’t get lost and your mind reaches it’s goal.

Expanding Your Self-Consciousness

Tantra Yoga focuses not only on your awake and aware self, but it also aims to touch base with the your levels of consciousness, be it in a dream or in a sleeping state. This is a challenge not because it is impossible, but because we have been programmed through most of our life to only be attuned with the awakened state. Deep meditation is a primary focus of yoga to better open these levels of consciousness. And although it is most commonly known to be better done with a partner, Tantra Yoga is essentially an individual exercise, as it is your own consciousness that is the main concern here. Meditation is one of the main keys in Tantra Yoga, because it helps you to expand your consciousness beyond your body into the depths of your mind.

Making You Healthy, Happy and Balanced

Tantra Yoga actually has tons of health benefits that go way beyond the legendary sexual appetite and satisfaction. One of them is the revitalization of the body, thanks to the detoxification that results from the practice. Blood cells are renewed faster, and sweating flushes out the toxins from within the body. The breathing and meditation exercises also aid in the clearing of the respiratory tract, thereby strengthening the lung’s immunity from infections and diseases. For the genital areas, Tantra Yoga helps in the correction of anatomical anomalies and stimulates their general functions. As in other benefits of yoga, Tantra also, of course, results in leaner and toner muscles.

If you are thinking of trying out Tantra Yoga, be aware that it is a highly meditative exercise, and to perceive it simply as a tool to increase or improve your sexual performance is completely missing the point (while this might be a nice side-effect).

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