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Spiritual Wellness – How To Reconnect With Your Spirit

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"Stress is inevitable, struggle is optional!" - I first heard this saying years ago and as I was walking through the park one morning, preparing for this article, it popped into my mind! And of course it is the essence of what I think about spirituality! Most people hear the word spiritual and immediately think of religion. But I think of it in a very different way – I think spiritual wellness is about our 'spirit'; that part of us that gives us our zest for life, our playfulness and enthusiasm.

It's the part of us which makes us whole when we live from it and it keeps us connected to ourselves, to others and to whatever universal energy there is. It allows us to be 'in the flow' of what's happening to us which takes away the effort and struggle.

Your Spirit Is What Gets You "In The Zone"

Now, before you stop reading this, muttering "That's it! She's finally gone cosmic.", think about the number of elite athletes who say their best performances are when they are 'in the zone', or 'in the flow' and recall the number of books written on performance that describe the optimum state to attain is 'in the zone or flow'.

Athletes or authors report that when they achieve this state or reach this space (substitute with words that make sense to you) whatever they are doing just seems to flow easily. There is no effort, no fatigue and very often, no time. Cricketers talk about seeing the ball (travelling at 200 kph) coming towards them in slow motion. They can even see the seam on the ball!

Now if that isn't a reason to consider our own spiritual wellness.

An Unhealthy Spirit Hurts Your Mind And Body

Our spiritual wellness is something that we rarely consider – until we have lost it. The symptoms of a lost spirit can be depression, loneliness, emptiness, a feeling of disconnectedness and isolation, confusion, unhappiness, sadness, anger or frustration, numbness. A healthy, nurtured spirit means we feel alive – we vibrate with energy and vitality and a sense of excitement about living. We are generally content, peaceful, calm, joyful and we feel supported – even when we are not surrounded by people.

It's important to be aware of your spiritual wellness and reconnect with your spirit in order to live a happy and fulfilling life!

Stay tuned for three practical tips to reconnect and stay connected with your spirit.

"Some people will never learn anything because they grasp everything too soon. Wisdom, after all, is not a station you arrive at but a manner of travelling. If you travel too fast you will miss the scenery. To know exactly where you are headed may be the best way to go astray. Not all those who loiter are lost." - Anthony de Mello

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