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And They Don't Have Huge Audiences On Instagram... Want To Know How?’s Gina Homolka on Healthy Eating and Why Diets Don’t Work

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Just recently, we shared with you our picks of 8 amazing women who make a difference. If you, like us, were left wanting to know more about these women, we have great news for you.

We were able to have a quick chat with one of those inspiring women — Gina Homolka, the creator of — and asked her about her personal (and digital) journey with healthy food and living, how SkinnyTaste came about, and why weight loss all begins in the kitchen.

Vegetarian Cauliflower Tots á la Gina Vegetarian Cauliflower Tots á la Gina

How Did You Get Into Cooking And Developing Healthy Recipes?

I was looking for light recipes back in 2007 to lose a few pounds before my wedding, and I kept coming across poorly designed websites and recipes that were made up of all processed food and decided to experiment lightening my own recipes instead and blogging about it. I always loved to cook, so the challenge to make recipes light was actually fun for me.

What Does SkinnyTaste Stand For? What's Your Philosophy?

Skinny food CAN be tasty. I wanted to show people that just because it's light or healthy, doesn't mean it can't be appealing and delicious. My philosophy is if you want to lose weight, the best way to start is in the kitchen. By cooking your own meals with real food and fresh, seasonal produce, you can control what goes into your body and make those calories count.

What Was Your Expectation, When You Created SkinnyTaste? Did You Ever Expect It To Become This Successful?

It was just a hobby, and I enjoyed it tremendously. I was actually pretty addicted to reading comments and emails from people who were enjoying my recipes and losing the weight. When it actually became successful, I was torn leaving my job and career but in retrospect it was a blessing.

Many People Struggle When It Comes To Creating A Halfway Decent Dish Without A Recipe. Can You Give Us An Easy Tip? Like A Rule Of Thumb Or Success Formula?

Keep it simple, my best recipes are the simplest ones. If something turns out great, next time try swapping an ingredient with something else to make it different. And don't be afraid of making mistakes, that's how I learned to cook!

Gina's Butternut Squash Lasagna Gina's Butternut Squash Lasagna

If There's One Piece Of Advice To Help People Eat More Healthy, What Is It?

Keep your meats lean, fill your plate with lots vegetables and swap white starches for whole grains.

We Recently Featured You In A List Of Incredibly Inspiring Women Who We Believe Really Make A Difference. What Do You Think Are The Habits That Really Have The Power To Change One's Life?

Yes, I am honored to be listed among those women. Best easy habit is to hang around with inspiring people: they rub off on you and make you want to be a better person.

Is There Anything Else You Would Like To Tell Our Readers?

Diets don't work – sure you'll lose weight but long term they are hard to stick to. Making small changes every day with healthy choices and being mindful of the foods you eat and the portions you serve yourself, combined with plenty of rest and exercise is the best way to get results.

Thanks a lot for your time Gina!

Gina's tips and tricks to helping you live and eat healthier! Hopefully you learned something and were inspired to continue on with YOUR own journey on making the change to a lighter, healthier life.

Find more of Gina's amazing recipes at!

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