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Simple Sanskrit Terms From A to Z

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I tried to make you a fun "'Yay for learning new terms'/'What does that even mean?' Sanskrit Terms From A to Z" thingy, but there are some gaps in my expertise. Mainly—there are some letters missing from my alphabet.

Perhaps this is because these letters don’t really exist in Sanskrit or maybe because my research is flawed.

Lots of the words here have multiple and/or more complex meanings. I tried to simplify each term and to pull on words that you might be able to bring into your yoga practice or daily life. Happy learning.

The ABCs of Sanskrit

A is for Asana — The third limb of yoga; posture or pose

B is for Brahman — The one universal soul

C is for Chakra — Wheels of energy in the subtle body

D is for Daya — Compassion and empathy

E is for Eka — The number one; also meaning singular or unity

F is for ?

G is for Guru — A spiritual parent; the bringer of light

H is for Haya — LOL, or comedy; mirth and laughter

I is for Indriya — Physical strength

J is for Jiva — Living, existing; the immortal essence of your soul

K is for Karma — Your fate based on actions from this or past lives

L is for Loka — Living beings; the inhabitants of this earth

M is for Mantra — A holy message, song, or text

N is for Namaste — “I bow to you”

O is for Om — The sound/mantra that encapsulates the whole universe

P is for Purusha — The human soul, the Self, or a conscious being

Q is for ?

R is for Rupa — Form or shape

S is for Shanti — Peace and tranquility

T is for Tapas — Heat; the fire that burns within

U is for Urdhva — Upward (like in Upward-Facing Dog)

V is for Vidya — Knowledge, science, or learning

W is for ?

X is for ?

Y is for Yoga — To yoke or create union

Z is for ?

Any suggestions to fill in those blanks? Please add them into the comments below.

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