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Simple and Effective Yoga Exercises for Wrist Pain (VIDEO)

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Many of us these days are using our hands too much, often holding out wrists in flexion (lifted back) while typing away on computers and phones for hours a day.

Habit creates form, in this case locked up and shortened connective tissue in our hands, wrists and all the way up our arms. For many of us, this patterning and overuse causes inflammation, pain and discomfort at different times in our life.

Use Yoga Exercises for Wrist Pain

Yoga gives us tools to help counter this, creating space through the joints and tendons, re-patterning the connective tissue, reducing inflammation and strengthen the muscles to help support our lifestyles.

This video goes over a variation on Chinese finger fans, in my experience a real cure-all for wrist and arm pain. This sequence works so well due to it’s simplicity and counteractively. As we push in one direction, we pull in another, both strengthening the muscles around the joints and at the same time opening and stretching through the entirety of the connective tissue in our arms.

How to:

    1. Sit or stand with a tall spine and open shoulders.
    2. Press your arms and palms forward and fingernails down and pulling back towards your body.
    3. Keeping the palm forward, start moving one finger in at a time from the pinky finger to the thumb back to the palm, keep pressure pressing the palm forward and shoulder open.
    4. Leaving the arm straight and the fist closed, flex the fist in towards the wrist and press out through the back of the wrist.
    5. Bring the fists in now towards the shoulder while pressing the elbow forward.
    6. Keeping the arms the same, extend the elbows our to the sides, press the elbows to the sides extending both the upper chest broaden and the upper back.
    7. Extend your arms and fingers long to the sides, press out to try and touch the walls.
    8. Externally rotate the whole arm so the palm comes up and the shoulder blade sticks to the upper back.
    9. Leave the shoulders set, turn the palms down from the elbow, leaving the eye of the elbow up, then extend again through the fingertips.
    10. Relax the arms and shake it out, repeat!

Good luck and enjoy, and if you found this helpful please share the love!

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