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Should I Drink Water During Yoga Class?

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I drink while I do my other workouts, but what about during yoga? Rudi C.

The Answer

This is a very common question in the yoga world, one that is often given many different answers.

My opinion? If you need to drink water, drink. Yoga is all about feeling and not restricting right? So if you’re in a vinyasa and you really want that sip of water, go for it. Obviously, you don’t want to drink gallons of it during class, or use it as a distracting element to keep you from doing your least favorite poses, but the body needs what it needs.

If you’re going to bring a water bottle into class, make sure that it does not only not divert your attention from your practice, but that you’re also being mindful of the yogis around you. Many teachers discourage drinking water mainly because of the noises that can come with it.

All in all, yoga should not be a “workout” in which you need a break for water every ten minutes. Keep hydrated before class (and always!) and drink as much as you’d like to after. This preparation, so to speak, should keep you content through your classes. If you feel super parched and even light headed, take a little breather with a sip of water, but recognize exactly how much you’re drinking. As mentioned, don’t sip too much to give you a bellyache, and try your best to stay present where you are. Chances are, that sip of water that you so desperately needed was just your mind working to sidetrack you from where you really need to be.

Additional Tips

There are indeed many practices that highly discourage drinking water in class. It is believed that taking that sip of cold water can cool your inner heat that will eventually detoxify your body and clear your energy. Disrupting this prana flow could have a huge effect on your yoga practice (you might even notice your energy completely change the moment you get out of your pose to take that sip).

My two cents? No matter where you are or what you believe, stay conscious and listen to your body.

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