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Ask A Yogi – Should I Do Yoga During Menstruation?

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Should I do yoga during menstruation? It's uneasy and uncomfortable for me.

Asked by Olivia M.

The Answer

Hello, sister! Oh, menstruation. This time of the month used to be one I dreaded, but I’ve learned to see it as a beautiful few days to connect to our womanhood, and I hope you can too!

First of all, if it’s uneasy and uncomfortable for you to practice yoga during menstruation, I say you have a pretty simple answer to your question. One of the things we learn from yoga is how to listen to our bodies, so if practicing during your moon cycle is unsettling for you, don’t do it! Any lack of motivation or discomfort is probably your body telling you to take the few days off.

Of course, all women notice different symptoms during their periods, so my response will probably be different to you than it is to another woman. I know several women who especially enjoy practicing during their period, as they feel the most in tune with their bodies and hearts at this time of the month. I also know women who choose warm bubble baths over yoga classes during their cycles.

There are also debates that discuss specifically whether practicing inversions during a woman’s menstrual cycle is healthy or not, primarily because of physical problems that may arise. Some teachers are completely against it, while others encourage it to balance the “downward flow.” Personally, I choose not to practice inversions during my cycle, primarily because of comfort reasons; but like I said before, I believe that all women should have the chance to listen to their bodies and decide on their own.

Additional Tips

If continuing your normal yoga practice on through your menstruation cycle is uncomfortable for you, you might find that switching up your practice during this time of the month is especially rewarding. If you’re used to a sweaty, vigorous practice, perhaps slowing it down a bit and taking a restorative class. Maybe a seated meditation is all you need to connect and unwind. On the other hand, maybe a heated vinyasa class is exactly what you need. Listen to yourselves, ladies!

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