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Sacred Dying: The Art of Peaceful Surrender

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As we approach the newness of the spring season and bid winter, the season of letting go, a fond farewell, now is the time to cultivate the practice of non-attachment.

Attachment, the root of all suffering, leads to expectations and fears and sets us up for disappointment when things do not go as planned. So let's begin the adventure into the great unknown and find out where you may have overlooked potential in exchange for security.

Have you possibly forsaken your hopes and dreams for a reality far less colorful than the spectrum of your vivid imagination? Are you still finding it difficult to surrender and let go? Let's get to painting!

Grounding in Gratitude

Pause to check in and take an inventory of what blessings you have in your life this very minute without grasping for the familiarity of the past, or living on the edge of anticipation of the future.

Gratitude lifts the shades of worry and anxiety and opens the window to reveal the opportunities that exist RIGHT NOW for deep and fulfilling spiritual contentment.

When you pause to notice all the gifts that life offers you from a simple breath, to movement, to the countless other manifestations of love that fill your day—how can you NOT express your appreciation?

People-Pleasing and The Power of Saying "NO!"

If you can say YES! and scream it at the top of your lungs AND mean it, then you should also be able to say NO just as emphatically.

Breaking a habit is hard to do, and many of us yogis can be too flexible for our own good! Just as hypermobility places excess strain on the joints, bending over backwards to make everyone happy places excess strain on your life.

Sphinx Pose is a balancing backbend that teaches stability and strength and reminds you NOT to push beyond the limits of healthy flexibility. Here’s how to do it:

  • Sphinx PoseBegin prone or lying down on your belly.
  • Rest your forearms directly under your shoulders and press your palms and the tops of the feet firmly into the floor establishing your roots.
  • Inhale to lengthen your spine, slide your shoulder blades down your back and expand your chest towards the sky.
  • Avoid excessively arching your back, keep the neck long by using your gaze to look upward rather than shortening the cervical spine.
  • Hold for 5-10 breaths allowing adequate time to create a feeling of traction through the spine without overstretching.

Live with Intention Everyday to Discover New Possibility

Incorporating a silent meditation before, after or even in lieu of your asana practice will clear the clutter from your divine channels and help you hear the voice of wisdom from within your spirit.

We change daily, and meditation helps you track those transitions and take notice of even the subtle shifts that create the space for new movements to occur.

Generally speaking, we all meet change with resistance and forget to notice the new growth taking shape beneath the old skin we shed. Through dedication and repetition, you can "slow down” time and recognize how each little step eventually leads to BIG CHANGE.

Yoga and meditation teach you to stay present and help you learn to flow with the winds of change when it starts blowing in your direction.~Judy Rukat

Life NEVER goes as planned and understanding that can feel scary…but it’s also liberating! Instead of obsessing over every last detail, try opening your heart to it all and receive the abundance the present moment offers. Striving to take control will only stress yourself out to the max.

As the snow melts away and those first buds of spring form on the trees, remember that all endings lead to fresh starts for you too—and all you have to do is soak in the sun, trust the seasons and BREATHE.

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