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Paternal Yoga: Did Russell Brand Start a New Thing?

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Russell Brand isn't waiting until his baby with Laura Gallacher is delivered to start trying to be a great dad. The 41-year-old star of Get Him to the Greek is practicing yoga daily in order to bond with his first child while the latter is still in utero.

According to a source for the Daily Star, Brand is very serious about his practice. Brand hopes that daily Buddhist meditation will help him form a close, loving relationship with the child as early as now.

Fatherhood, Meditation, and Yoga

Although they've kept their relationship decidedly low-key, Brand and Gallacher have been living together for six months now and are excited about starting a family. Brand, who also owns a vegetarian cafe in Hackney, is making sure that Gallacher is eating lots of fresh, organic food to keep the baby healthy.

Gallacher, sister of television presenter Kirsty Gallacher, is reportedly five months in the family way.

Brand has just confirmed his daddy-to-be status on social media, posting a photo of himself holding up a parenting book entitled, The Expectant Dad's Handbook.  Messages of congratulations, as well as suggestions for other baby books, have flooded in.

Has Russell Brand started a new yoga trend for daddies-to-be?

We all know that prenatal yoga is great for babies and mommies-to-be. Do you think practicing “paternal yoga” also poses some benefits? Let us know what you think. See you in the comments!

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