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Ready For The Neti – How A Neti Pot Saved My Life

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I must have driven by the giant sign in front of CVS thirty times or so: “Get your flu shots here! Now!” Nah. I’m healthy. Don’t need one.

Until I reached 35,000 feet on the plane on my way to visit family on the west coast. Searing sinus pain and a left ear that shut down for four days sent a clear message: Yeah, you DO need one girlfriend. Midway into my week catching up with extended family (hey unc, can’t hear ya, sit on my right side, will you?), I finally had to visit the walk-in clinic for flu shot holdouts like me who got bit hard by the bug. The sweet BF could simply take no more whining about my muffled ear:“Go to the doctor, my love. Please. Now!”

“Yes, I see goop in there,” the friendly doctor affirmed as he pulled the instrument out of my ear. OK Doc, can you please give me an antibiotic or something? No such luck. Instead, a few OTC items, and, most importantly, “a nasal wash for you my dear…it will help clear the area quickly.”

And I thought handstands in the middle of the room were scary. Alas, I finally had to face my fear of the neti pot. I managed to skirt this little exercise in yoga teacher training last summer by feigning personal/religious/medical/my nose is FINE excuses, and never thought I’d have to face this fear again.

But when your ear is muffled, and your left side eagles, trees, and ardha chandrasanas resemble a drunkard after a hard night of boozing, it’s time to try anything.

Hence, the Neti pot.

So into the spouted pot went the distilled water, saline, and all my hopes for a happy left ear. I followed the pictures on the box (the character bore a smile. Really? C’mon marketing people!), leaned forward, and poured into my right nostril praying to all Gods (Jesus, Buddha, Allah – anyone up there with a shred of mercy) that it would come out the left without incident.

Miracle of all miracles, it did. And zowie did I feel a serious zing of fresh air. And a day later, my left ear popped open.

Amazing what facing and conquering a fear can do for the spirit. And health!

Now off to the CVS…

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