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How To Practice For A Better Practice

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Yoga is not just any old workout, it’s a practice, and like they say practice makes perfect– although in yoga there is no perfection, just a better all round you. Like anything practiced, you can get familiar and even really good at it at yoga and stuff in life like self-control and managing stress like a champion. There’s no better time to start or amp up your yoga practice than now, because it makes the practice of living so much better especially as we are about to ring in a new year…

Be prepared for anything

The standing series will strengthen and tone not only your entire body, but train your mind to handle stresses and conquer everything you do off the mat with calm, cool and collectedness! Try Warrior I, II & III, triangle and half moon poses.

Get energized and happy

No one wants to hang around a tired ol’ grinch. Do a Backbend or two or three to seriously improve your mood and increase your sparkle this holiday. Plus kick start the new year roused and ready! Try bridge, wheel or camel.


The holidays can add a little extra jingle, the heat created from practicing moving sequences like sun salutations puts your body into sweaty fat burning mode. Performing twists in yoga are like the icing on the cake, they aid in digestion and wringing out all the built up toxins.

Try simple spinal twists from laying down on your back, seated, chair or lunging.

Get ready to rock the New Year with poise, balance, grace and ease

The balancing postures are great for increased power of concentration, they strengthen the core and zip the entire body up.  Try poses like tree, dancers and eagle.

When you practice something like yoga, you will get better at lots of other things, but especially things like motivation and self control. Everything that’s worth having takes energy, time and devotion–even a yoga practice!

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