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Office Yoga Pants – Yay or Nay?

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Om my, indeed. You can now wear your yoga pants even to the office, albeit with a slightly tweaked look and feel.

Online apparel retailer BetaBrand launched their “yoga dress pants” in January, with the goal of making fitness apparel look “appropriate” for office wear too. This isn’t the first product that the San Francisco-based company launched for the office-professional-fitness-buff market — they also have a “bike to work” collection which includes skirts, blazers, and their most expensive piece, a dressy jacket for men.

The yoga dress pants look just like your typical work slacks, with the cut and faux pockets and fake waist button closure, except it has the stretch and comfort of your beloved yoga pants. It comes in three color varieties; gray, navy, and black and it sells for US$80. As of writing, they’re offering it 10% off and is only available for pre-order, as shipping won’t start until later this month.

The company claims it’s their latest hit product, although as expected, it’s also getting mixed reactions from consumers. Corporate workers who have to rush to the gym or studio after work are understandably ecstatic, while some cringe at the thought of yoga pants invading their office space.

Some have commented that this product is only suitable for Casual Fridays (and maybe not even then), while others are scrambling to get their hands on these yoga dress pants. What do you think? Office yoga pants: yay or nay?

Disclaimer: The article is not a promotional piece, and the author and DOYOU are not affiliated in any way with BetaBrand.

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