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This Daddy-Baby Dance Session is 100% Adorable (VIDEO)

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In case you missed it, here’s a reminder that this funky daddy-baby dance session happened in California, and that it was 100% adorable.

This daddy-baby dance class was organized by GroovaRoo Dance, a San Diego area dance company that promotes parent-child bonding through dance. GroovaRoo is the brainchild of husband-and-wife duo Meeshi and Amber Anjali, who combined Meeshi’s expertise in multicultural dance with Amber’s training in babywearing education to create these super fun classes that bring families together through dance.

While most of GroovaRoo’s dance classes are open to both mommies and daddies, this session put the men in the spotlight to let them show off the funky moves they learned with their babies. The results are every bit as cute as you’d imagine. Just check out the smiles on those guys’ faces during the baby air-guitar solo!

So keep playing that funky music, dads! We hope this is just the start of a worldwide daddy-baby dance craze. Tag a dad who would get down on the dance floor with his kids!

Video credit: Groovaroo Dance

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