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Moving Mountains: A Meditation on Tadasana

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Tadasana roots your awareness into the now. When you achieve presence in the moment, you grasp onto nothing, releasing attachment and the anxieties of the future, as well as the pains of the past.

During Tadasana, find your footing with legs slightly separated, spread your toes, and simply feel the strength of the earth beneath that supports you–all of you.

Tadasana, the Great Mountain, this steady and unshakable power of stability grounds you as you begin the yoga. At the same time, this seemingly easy pose embodies the essence of yoga itself. At once, you become the mountain while simultaneously allowing the majestic power to embrace you.

The Radiance of Existence

Inhale into extended prayer and elongate your spine, stretching your head away from your tailbone towards the sun, receiving its light while radiating your own.

Dare to dream; trust your highest visions. Without anticipation, ambition, or doubt, settle into an all-knowingness that right now and right here, you and all that is, exists.

Compassion and Serenity

Exhale and lower your hands to your heart center in Anjali Mudra, cultivating compassion for yourself. Pause. Acknowledge the stillness between your breaths. Enjoy.

Inhale, and one more time, extend your prayer to the sky and extend your compassion to others, to this world in all of its mystery. Breathe this very moment into your conscious experience.

Exhale and lower your hands at your sides, rest and settle back into Tadasana, calm, serene, and at peace.

What Tadasana Brings

We all have moments throughout the day when we fall into the habit of going through the motions, causing us to check out and let time just slip away. Repeat this simple moving meditation often to align your spine, optimize your posture, and bring clarity into a cluttered, busy mind.

Only through slowing down and accepting the present can we bring about healing and transformation, if change is necessary. If you do not know where you are, how can you ever know where you are going? Tadasana reminds you of where you are in the now. Stay present.

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