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Meditation For Success – How To Take Control Of Your Future

Meditation | Types of Meditation

Meditation rapidly expands your awareness, and even for a beginner it can open your eyes to what the world has to offer. It can also remind you of where you are versus where you want to be. Just like your daily meditation, you need to be committed to your future. Meditation is a great way to instill that into your soul. Here is a short roadmap on how to use meditation to support your way to success in life.

1.    What do you want

After you have gained awareness during meditation, think about what you want in life, instead of thinking about what you want from life. This will help you to separate how you want to feel versus any material items. By putting your mind to focus on a goal, greatly increases the chance of reaching it.

2.    Draw it Up

Living a wellness life is important to your future successes, therefore taking action by scribbling down a list that describes where you are today helps to clarify what you need to do to get where you ultimately want to be. Often times, your list will turn into a giant web with several different routes leading you to the end goal. This gives you a clear picture of your options in life.

3.    Be Aware of Your Obstacles

Obstacles should be easy to identify after you have written your list. Awareness of your thoughts and dreams is strengthened after meditation so it is easy to look for any difficult tasks that have to be completed in order to reach your goal. Is there a path that is easier than the others? Do not be afraid to be honest with yourself. Are you short on money? Are you short on time? Write down every obstacle on every path you could take.

4.    Create Plan of Action

By far my favorite part in taking control of the future is formulating the plan of action. Knowing your obstacles can help you to create a plan that is full proof. For example: If your goal is to become a Wellness Coach, but your obstacles are that you do not have enough money to take the required courses, than your plan of action may need to involve getting a second job, or spending less so you can save more. Whatever it is, plan it out and DO IT!

Remember that in life there are always going to be struggles, but success is for the strong of heart. I know you can accomplish all you want to accomplish in life, and practicing meditation can be your tool to help you along the way.

The Wellness Life is a weekly column by Wellness Coach Lydia LaFond. Using practical tips and step-by-steps guides, Lydia motivates and inspires people to live a better and happier life. Want to ask Lydia a question? Comment below or email her.

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