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Mantras to Connect with Your True Self

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Everyone has feelings and emotions running around their bodies all day. Sometimes, it is helpful to check in with yourself and see how many of your emotions are positive, and how many are negative. If we let those negative emotions run riot, it will create angry minds and tense bodies.

As humans, it is natural to feel jealousy, attachment, worry, fear, or ignorance. We don’t want to hold onto these feelings, as they won't contribute to our positive outlook and overall wellbeing.

We were all born with a natural ability to love with a pure, good heart. This is our natural state of being. This is where the real, true you lies. We want to try and dissolve our egos and those negative feelings towards ourselves and other people in order to feel free.

The Destructive Ego

Your ego is your conscious mind, the part of you that you consider your "self." The negative ego finds a way to be unhappy, and it will cling to desires or the feeling of always wanting more. The desire itself isn't a problem, it is allowing it to become a reason to be unhappy.

Wallowing in desire and letting it take over, meanwhile missing life as it passes by, is the real problem. If you do this a few times a day, every day, every year, imagine all the life that is happening that you are missing out on.

Let's say you meet a friend for coffee, he shows up in a beautiful new car, sits beside you, and puts his shiny new phone on the table and starts to tell you how successful he has been at work. The real you will be so happy for him. You know that he deserves it, and you will listen to him and have a wonderful conversation.

The ego will notice his new car, phone, and his job and start to clutter up your head with notions of why you don’t have that and why your job isn’t going well, and you start to feel sad. This is damaging to your relationships and to you.

The real you would be selfless and know that this is a moment to celebrate his life and be happy. The ego can destroy beautiful, pure hearts. So we try to keep ourselves in check, and always take the opportunity to let the real, pure you shine out. You will then attract better relationships and better energy in your life. Using mantras can lead to transformation.

These are some mantras you can repeat to yourself, either during meditation or anytime during the day that you feel jealousy or fear taking over.

1. "My heart is open and my mind is clear."

This will remind you to let go of any emotions that are cluttering up your heart and mind, and distracting you from feeling anything but positive.

Your heart is open and can see the goodness in everyone, and your mind is clear and focused.

2. "I am pure, honest, and full of love."

Take off the mask that you're wearing, be your true self, and be who you really are without the fear of judgement.

When we speak and act what we really feel, life is so much easier. Always come from a place of love.

3. "I let go of worries or emotions that drain my energy."

They will only clog your mind and fog your heart. Acknowledge them and let them go. Don’t allow the ego to attach to them.

You have too much to give, and holding onto these emotions will only get in your way.

4. "I am enough, and I get better everyday."

Stop comparing yourself with others. The energy that you waste comparing yourself would be better used on giving yourself positive feedback and working towards being the best version of yourself.

Which of these mantras resonated with you? How do you keep your ego from taking over in your life, and how do you connect with your true self? Share with us in the comments below!

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