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Love Is In The Air – Welcome To The Year Of The Horse

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What a year the Water Snake’s given us! Truths were exposed layer by layer, like the Snake shedding its skin. The year of the Horse, which is celebrated on January 31, 2014 according to the lunar calendar, and starts February 4 in the solar calendar, is a welcome change for many of us.

A Yang Fire animal, the Horse has more powerful fiery energy than the Snake, which is a Yin Fire animal. Fire, which represents joy and optimism, is also unpredictable and explosive in energy when in the active Yang form. Whereas the Water Snake year had Fire opposing Water, creating a mix of joy and sadness, optimism and fear, the Wood element of the Horse year supports the Fire, helping the flames burn longer.

If the Snake was a deep ride into the abyss of the soul for many of us, then just imagine the wild ride the Horse is taking us, fast and furious! Here are just a few things you can expect:

Love Is In The Air

The year of the Horse holds the promise of ROMANCE for many of us, as the Horse is one of the four “Peach Blossom” animals in Chinese Astrology. The Peach Blossom is a star of romance and whenever it shows in a year, there’ll be more wedding bells and love relationships than usual. If you were born in the year or day of the Ox, the Snake, or the Rooster, get ready for your love life to get busy! Those already in solid relationships will get deeper into them.

The year of the Horse’s Feng Shui chart is also ruled by the number 4 in the center. The number 4 is a star of romance in the Flying Star Feng Shui system, which means, love, love, and more love is in the air!

Swift Changes Are Ahead

The Horse is a powerful animal that charges bravely ahead toward the unknown. Exuberant and swift, its quick pace sets the energy of the year. Changes will come quickly like flames. The year’s strong Yang Wood element, however, can be unbending and resistant to change. Be as fearless as the Horse – this is the year to grab on opportunities that come your way. Don’t take too much time – if your heart jumps for it, then take the leap or they will be gone as fast as they come.

For protection and support in times of challenge, carry a symbol of the Sheep, the Horse’s secret friend, especially if you were born in the year of the Horse or its zodiac opposite the Rat. A pendant or key chain would be ideal.

Keep Your Cool With Yoga And Meditation Practice

This is a year when temper flares up often and a regular yoga or other sacred movement practice becomes essential. With such powerful Fire, it can be easy to lose your center and your calm. Keep your head cool and your heart at peace by adding more Earth and Water elements into your life. Earth activities include yoga, meditation, pranayama, and Chi Gong, whereas Water is all things water, including drinking water, honoring the rivers and the seas, and activities that produce sweat (dancing is a great one!)

Stay Grounded So You Can Manifest Your Dreams

Chinese Astrology is based on the five elements of nature: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. This year’s Yang Wood element, like a tree, represents growth but too much of it can unground us as its energy is upward, as compared to Earth element, whose energy grounds. Imagine someone who keeps reaching for the sky without proper rooting – that someone will probably appear high all day, looking for the light, avoiding the dark, and never able to reach his or her dream.

Remember, manifesting your dreams is only possible when your feet are firmly rooted on the ground, only then you can reach high for your dreams without tumbling or flying off!

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