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Let’s Drop This Shitty Competition

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Let’s be happy when others do well, when they shine, when they do something ridiculously awesome. Let’s be inspired by the successes that the people around us achieve. Let’s be motivated by their greatness, excited by their ingenuity, and out loud offer them support and encouragement.

We spend so much time competing. It’s exhausting, heartbreaking, and creativity-crushing. Know right now that someone else’s success is not your failure. When someone you know does something wickedly cool, it is not a direct reflection of where you are in your life.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

We’re silly creatures, us humans. We see other people succeeding and we think, “What have I done with my life that can even compare?” We see other people doing the splits or holding a Headstand and think, “I can’t do that. I’ll never be able to do that. I’m not as good as they are.”

Our self-worth is crafted through this lens of comparison. There’s no freedom or happiness possible in this space. It’s a perspective on life that will always be filled with pain and self-doubt.

We must change the way we view the successes, the joys, and the genius of the people around us.

The Opposite of Love Is Not Hate. It Is Fear.

When we come from fear, we retract inward and offer less to ourselves and to the world. When we come from love, we expand and shine brightly outward from a place of joy and connection.

Fear is what drives competition. It’s what makes us jealous when someone else does something kickass. Fear that we’re not good enough, that we’re not successful enough—that someone else has already taken all the success and that there’s none left for us.

My dear friend, I need to tell you—there is enough goodness for us all. Goodness breeds goodness. Love breeds love.

You and me, we must change the way we approach the success and happiness of the people we know. We must radicalise the people around us, offer them our clasped hands so they can jump up and take a step higher.

Let’s Drop This Shitty Competition.

Let’s do the work on ourselves to move out of this confining space where we think we’re not good enough. Let’s be happy when someone else’s life goes well, when they get promoted, when they hold Dancer Pose for 10 breaths without teetering.

Let’s all say, “Way to go!” more often. Let’s be proud of each other, proud of ourselves, and most importantly, content with the gift of our lives, right now and in this moment. It’s all too short and too fleeting to spend one more moment thinking you’re anything less than effing amazing.

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