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Jade Yoga Mat: Good for You, Good for the Environment

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We've all heard about how important the mats are for the practice of yoga. For those who care about the environment, there are several eco-friendly mats available in the market, that do not sacrifice quality and durability for ecological sustainability. Not only do these mats adhere to the philosophies of yoga as a lifestyle, but they are also safer to use as they do not contain any harmful chemical substances that make up the mat weavings.

All for the Environment

The Jade Yoga Mat prides itself in being 100% PVC and synthetic rubber-free. Made up mostly of natural rubber, the mats guarantee that stronghold grip needed for yoga exercises. Thanks to their tightly-woven structure, these yoga mats are not only more resilient and sturdier, they also provides for more cushioning support. Of course, Jade Yoga Mats also use industrial materials other than rubber, but they are completely devoid of those materials that are harmful to one's health and the environment. A word of advice to those who are allergic to latex: because of the natural rubber present in the mat, it is possible that there will be latex proteins that might trigger the allergy, so it would be wise to avoid it. Again, the benefits of yoga primarily are for the improvement of health, so it would be futile if you will have allergic reactions from the accessories that you use for its practice.

One Tree for One Mat

Another good thing about these mats is that the companies that manufacture them are generally very environmentally-conscious. Their concept of environmental responsibility is not only limited to using natural materials for their products, but more importantly, how they can help keep the balance of nature and business. These companies often partner up with social workers to ensure that for every mat produced from a rubber tree, a new is planted to replace the tree used. So if it's sustainability that they want to address and advocate, then planting new trees is a very feasible option.

Of course, while it is considered to be one of the best out there, it is still important that you do your research as to which kind of mat will be most suited for you. As mentioned earlier, there are also health considerations to factor in when using the Jade Yoga Mat. The most important thing is that you will be using the mat to aid you in your practice of yoga, so that you may gain its full benefits.

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