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How Do I Increase Neck Flexibility?

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The Question: What are some poses to increase neck flexibility? – Amy

The Answer:

Hey there, Amy! These days, tons of people are having more and more difficulties with their necks. Because of the kind of lifestyle we have (with a lot of driving and computer use), our necks get stiff. We hold a lot of tension and stress there.

One of the greatest things that Forrest Yoga has taught me is this idea of Neck Release. A lot of times, we look up at our hands in certain poses and strain our necks in an attempt to make the poses look prettier, but it really doesn’t add anything more than that to the poses.

I highly suggest releasing the neck as often as possible.

In Triangle Pose, for example, instead of looking up at the top hand or even looking straight out in front of you, think about dropping your bottom ear towards your bottom shoulder, while maintaining a good amount of space in your neck and shoulder area.

Letting the head go in Forward Folds is also a really nice way to release the back of the neck. Whenever you need a visual, think about the back of your neck being very long, without any wrinkles.

Additional Information

Give yourself the ability to decide what feels good and what doesn’t feel so good on your neck. Have freedom in your movement. You don’t always have to find stillness in the poses—take neck circles, look in different directions, and figure out what feels best.

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