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I’m Not Flexible Enough For Yoga

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How many times have you heard that one?! I’ve never heard such amazing logic in my life. The reasoning in that sentence is equivalent to being too tired to sleep or too hungry to eat. Read on to understand why flexibility is an invalid excuse to not practice yoga in my humble opinion.

1. Yoga is not only about flexibility

It’s about balance, strength, flexibility, mentality and more. In fact, flexibility alone is a very dangerous talent, as without strength, you can easily injure yourself. Thus, to practice yoga, we must cultivate every aspect of the practice. It may be true that some maybe stronger, others maybe more flexible by nature – but the ultimate goal is to be well rounded.

2. Yoga is for all levels

Whether you are an Olympic athlete or a couch potato, you can practice yoga. All poses have a modified version and the benefits are just as amazing as the full pose. Whether you are pregnant (Pre-Natal Yoga), injured (Yoga Therapy) or just looking for an amazing workout – there is a yoga style for you. Be open about practice and you will never know until you try.

3. Let go of your EGO

No one is going to force you to do the splits in your 1st class, year or even decade of practicing. It’s just you and your mat – you can take what you want from your instructor but at the end of the day – it is just you and your body. We must let go of our ego when practicing yoga and not compare ourselves to the people next to us. Just because someone maybe in a difficult pose, it does not mean you need to be as well. Instead, focus on your breath, calm and clear your mind. Respect your body and listen to its needs. Patience is a virtue and as with all things, it will come in time.

So, the next time you hear this excuse, be sure to tell the person just how WRONG their excuse is…and refer them to this article.

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