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How to Vibrate Your Intentions

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Continuity of practice is the secret to success.

Work diligently, persistently. You are bound to be successful.

If you have ever taken a Vipassana Mediation Course at a S.N. Goenka Center, you have heard these phrases. The message is very simple: continue with your efforts. Don’t stop. Persistence will pay off. This is a concept that everyone can agree on.

Since this idea is so simple and commonly accepted, most people don’t give it a further thought; they hear it, instantly agree, and move on to the next thought.

Let’s look at this sentiment in more detail to provide a deeper understanding and appreciation.

You are atoms that are constantly vibrating.

We can take it to mean that persistence in action will eventually get the intended results. This is true, but it is a superficial understanding. Expanding our awareness of this concept can help attain more effective results.

All matter is constantly vibrating. What we see as solid—walls, ground, rocks, and so on—is not. Everything is made up of vibrating atoms, including you.

You are atoms that are constantly vibrating. Furthermore, everything you do creates a unique vibration: every action, word, thought, feeling, even your breath creates a vibration. These individual vibrations effect your overall vibration.

Instead of the general view that persistence in action will generate intended results, focus on your vibration.

The totality of your vibration when aligned with your intention will get results.

Create a vibration that encompasses your entire life, not just one aspect, or set of actions. This gives the word “continuity” (as in continuity of practice is the secret to success) more dimensions.

To tune into your intention, you must first understand yourself.

Similar to tuning a musical instrument, there are methods for tuning into your intention.

Firstly, you need to understand how your instrument—you—works.

Consciousness is not localized. Think of your human form as an antenna. When the antenna is properly aligned, it receives a clear signal; this is what it means to connect to your higher self. When your human form connects without resistance, the totality of self is realized.

When your physical form is in proper alignment, the prana, vital energy, flows freely. There is vitality within; your rate of vibration increases, giving you a more powerful connection with the higher self, and more impact on your intentions.

Your psychology manifests in your physical form to effect the disposition of the body, and the flow of prana. Self-judgment from false identification creates resistance to the flow of energy through emotions and your reactions to them. This has a significant impact on your vibration.

Emotional reactions and suppression of emotions produce uneven pulses in your vibration, resulting in less focused and consistent intentions, causing inhibited intentions.

Create an environment that vibrates who you want to be. ~Amarjit Singh

What you consume is what you vibrate. The food you eat, the sounds you hear and speak, and the thoughts you have increase or decrease your rate of vibration accordingly.

Use the mind as your instrument and the emotions as your gauges to get feedback of how you are vibrating. Your external world is just a projection. How you are responding to the external is what is vibrating internally.

Tuning into the totality of the world’s vibration is the essence of yoga. As yogis, you should be delving into the subtle vibrations.

This is why it is important to be conscious of what you consume. Alcohol, caffeine, drugs, and food preservatives all take away from your sensitivity. These substances inhibit your awareness of the subtle; they are detrimental to the process of yoga.

Cultivating stillness allows you to tune yourself into the subtle.

Train your mind to become aware of the subtle. Currently there are sensations in every millimeter of your body. However, your conscious mind is only tuned into the coarse sensations, whereas your unconscious mind is aware and reacting to all sensations.

Learn to create awareness of the totality of you through your vibration. Cultivate physical and mental silence. This stillness allows you to tune yourself into the subtle. Then use this continuity to align yourself with your intentions.


You are bound to be successful. Bound to be successful.

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