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How to Modify Eagle Arms If You Have Big Boobs

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While yoga really is for everybody, there are certain poses that need modification to work for every body. For the ladies out there with a bountiful bosom, we’re breaking down Garudasana arms so you too can reap the benefits of this glorious posture.

Garudasana is great for yogis because it builds strength, increases flexibility, and hones your ability to concentrate. It opens all the major joints in the body: the shoulders, the elbows, the wrists, the hips, the knees, and the ankles.

Garudasana arms, where we interlace them at the elbow, opens up the shoulders, stretches the rhomboids, deltoids and upper back. It’s a yummy stretch for that hard to reach space between the shoulder blades. If you have larger breasts, you know it can be difficult to wrap your arms in front of your chest, so here are some tips on how to modify Eagle arms based on your body.

1. Use a Strap

Credit: Meagan Kerr Credit: Meagan Kerr

Oh the strap, how I love you. You make so much possible, including Garudasana arms. If your body allows you to interlace the elbows but not quite press the back of your hands together, use a strap to connect them. Place the strap in the hand of the arm on top. Drop it down and clasp it with the hand of the bottom arm. This will give you leverage to work into the right amount of stretch for your body.

2. Go and Hug Yourself

hug yourself

If crossing the arms just isn’t possible, try hugging yourself above the breasts. Try to reach as far around yourself as possible. Remember those old family sitcoms where the older brother teases his younger sister by pretending to ‘makeout’ in the corner? That’s kinda what we’re going for here.

The tighter you hug yourself, and the further you reach around, the more stretch you’ll get. So go ahead and love yourself.

3. Traditional Deltoid Stretch

Credit: LifeDaily Credit: LifeDaily

Another option to modify Garudasana arms, is a traditional deltoid stretch that’s probably more common in a gym setting than a yoga setting. But that doesn’t mean we can’t use it!

Take your right arm directly across/above your chest and hook your forearm in the crease of your left elbow. I like to lightly press against the left arm with the right arm to maximize the stretch. Do what works for your body.

Hopefully these three options help you stretch the upper back and open the shoulders like the traditional Eagle Pose without the awkwardness and difficulty presented by a fuller chest. Are there any other specific poses you’d like to see modifications for big boobs? Let us know in the comments below.

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