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How To Learn Your Life Lesson – Part 2: The Work

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In last month’s blog (How to learn your life lesson – Part 1: Identification) I talked about identifying your life lesson. Once you have recognized the challenges in your life it is time to get more specific and do the work.

You may believe you know your challenges since you have lived with them for your entire life, but to truly understand and learn them you need to be able to articulate your lesson clearly and simply. For example, let’s say that your lesson is how you feel about yourself, and as a result you do not share your emotions. Then you could say your life lesson is – to learn how to overcome feelings of low self-worth, while valuing and communicating your emotional truth. The more specific and succinct you can be, the better understanding you will have. Think of it as a mission statement. You should create a simple sentence for your life purpose as well. For our example, let’s say your life purpose is – to lead through creativity. The relationship between your life purpose and life lesson is important as they are inseparable; if you aren’t directly working on your lesson you will not achieve your purpose.

Next look at how your life purpose and lesson work together. Your lesson is the greatest resistance in your life; it holds you back from your purpose. Following the previous example, we can see the relationship more clearly. Leading through creativity takes particular qualities. First, it is necessary to believe that you have the capacity to lead in order to take action and instill confidence. You can lead without confidence, but it will show. Consciously and unconsciously people will feel that something is off. They may not be able to communicate or understand what they are feeling, but nonetheless they will act accordingly. Furthermore, if you are not communicating your emotions it means that judgment exists. Suppressing emotions is akin to removing colors from your palette before you paint a picture. Being in direct contact with emotions is the key to creativity. This is only part of how your lesson holds you back. Your life lesson also hides opportunities.

Every opportunity that you want exists! Right now, every opportunity you have been searching for is available to you. You are unable to recognize them because your vision is limited by how you see yourself. When you don’t look at yourself openly, honestly, and without judgment your world contracts. Expand your world by recognizing the beauty within and accepting everything about yourself! Love yourself!

Your external world is just a reflection of the internal. If you don’t feel that you are worthy of the opportunities you will not see them for what they are and you will not take the necessary action. This is how you close yourself off from the unknown. To open your possibilities, you have to let go of judgment.

Letting go of judgment is crucial to learning your lesson. Understanding and judgment cannot coexist. To understand you need to accept without judgment. We often try to hide the qualities that we don’t like about ourselves, then put all our attention on the qualities that we do like. When we do this we are missing out on authentic self-expression, fulfilling our potential, self-awareness, and lasting happiness.

In my blog, How to find your life purpose I said your life purpose is to find the most complete way to express yourself. This expression does not just come from the qualities that you like, but also from your challenges. Let’s say that every day when you go to work and turn on your computer there is another problem with it that you have to fix before you can begin working. Meanwhile the person sitting in the office next to you turns their computer on, and it works without a problem. Let’s say this goes on for a year. Who is the expert with the computer? Look at your lesson as an opportunity to become an expert. Then find a way to project this learned lesson through your well-developed qualities. This is how you find the most complete way to express yourself. This is your message. Accept it!

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