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How To Have Really Good Yogi Sex

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Let’s all just get the blushing out of the way right here and right now. Go ahead, have a giggle and make sure no one can see what you’re reading.

Now that we have that out of the way, it’s time to get yogic about getting down and dirty.

Have you ever thought about how similar yoga and sex really are? I mean, there’s the warm-up, the Om-ing, the heavy breathing and then at the end, most people fall asleep. Sound about right?

But there’s far more to it than that. Making love and practicing yoga are both about connecting, being present and experiencing the union of body, mind and soul. Both practices also have the capacity to be massively spiritual and totally liberating love-fuelled experiences.

Here’s how to take yoga off your mat and onto your mate. It’s time to get hella connected, spiritually charged and mega in sync with your partner. Who knew the wisdom of yoga could be so darn sexy?

1) Get Your Drishti Locked And Loaded

I’m not sure if you’ve heard the goss, but your eyes are the gateway to your soul. And if they pack that much punch, then you best be bringing them into this love-charged occasion.

You can gaze deeply into the eyes of your partner to connect on a super intimate level or you can opt to close your peepers, in favour of focusing on other sensory – uh – organs. If you’re scared to look into the eyes of your partner but you’re not afraid of putting that in there, well you have seriously got to get to work on this. Seeing someone clearly, with eyes wide open, is showing a wiliness to connect deeply. Get on it.

2) Ask And Thee Shall Receive

As a yogi, you’re continuously getting better and better at knowing yourself. It’s good to recognise though that sometimes other people don’t know you quite in the same way. It’s important then to feel empowered to ask for what you want.

Be a respectful, kind and loving yogi in your requests and they’re bound to be appreciated. Alternatively, you can Om your way through this one and your partner will probably catch your drift.

3) Oh, The Possible Poses

In yoga, you don’t often stay in one pose for the whole class, do you? Like if you got to class and your teacher said down-dog and then just left you there for seventy-five minutes you’d probably be a bit a) confused b) bored and c) uncomfortable. So think of this when you dive into the mattress mambo.

Move around, try different poses and get creative. What I’m really saying? Unless you’re practicing a sexy Yoga Nidra, don’t just starfish for the entirety of the encounter.

4) Balance That Sesh

The best yoga practices offer a balance of energies. There’s effort and relaxation, working hard and letting go, which all results in a complete experience. Let your love-making sesh follow these same guideline. It doesn’t have to be a bloodhound rush to the finish. You can mix up the energies by playing with pace, breath, movement and intention.

5) Connect With This Moment

You’re doing something hella awesome when you make love. You’re connecting deeply with another body, mind and soul. You’re exchanging energy, looking after one another – it’s really quite profound. To stay in the moment you need to drop your attachment to the end result, let go of the day before and your plans for later. Get present by connecting to your breath and don’t worry about hitting the finish line – chances are you’ll get there. Take your time and enjoy the scenery along the way.

6) Let It Be Bigger Than You Both

In yoga, there’s a greater purpose for the physical practice. It’s about connecting, getting present, exploring, learning and becoming whole. You can make love with these same gorgeous intentions in your heart, using your sexual energy for a greater purpose (one possible interpretation of Brahmacharya, from the Yamas in yogic philosophy).

You can cultivate spiritual energy, get more in-tune with yourself and with your partner, if you create a little intention for your sexy-practice. You don’t need to get down and pray beforehand but you can approach the exchange with respect, reverence and joy.

When two people choose to connect, there are so many possibilities for expression and exploration. Yoga teaches us that love and bliss are at the core of every human being. Take this idea from the mat and onto your mattress so that you can discover more connection, intimacy and liberation.

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