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How to Get Your Booty Back On the Yoga Mat

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We’ve all been there — knowing how much yoga can transform the mind and the body, yet forgetting or procrastinating the actual practice. But believe it or not, there are amazing and effective ways to get yourself back on the mat!

Here are a few tips and tricks you can try when you need help getting back on the yoga mat and restarting your yoga practice.

1. Find motivation.

To get started, you might need a little kick in the butt. Sometimes there are amazing people around that knows what’s best for you, and will be able to push you in the direction you need to go…in this case, towards the yoga mat.

First off, you can simply go on social media. There are thousands of accounts and pages on the internet which will fill your life with inspiring quotes and motivational pictures every time you unlock your phone. By following these accounts, you will always get a little reminder of your practice, and hopefully get inspired to get back on the mat again.

2. Create habits.

"Motivation is what gets you started — habit is what keeps you going.”

When you’ve finally found some motivation to get back on the yoga mat, it’s important to keep going and not fall off-track again. By creating habits, you will not even have to think about when you’ll get your practice in. It becomes a routine – just like brushing your teeth in the morning comes naturally, yoga can too.

To start off, you can mark in your calendar what days and exact times every week that you can and want to practice – and make sure to stick to it. It’s said that it takes three weeks to create a habit, and then you’ll naturally do yoga, without further thoughts.

3. Find your purpose.

In most cases, people start doing yoga with a goal; to become flexible, to lose weight or get fit. But the great thing about yoga is that the more you practice, the more goals and purposes you find. What made you start your practice might not be the same reason you would want to keep going.

By reflecting on what your yoga practice means to you, it will make your practice more meaningful and personal, and become an important part of your life.

4. Change your way of thinking.

We tend to make yoga feel like a chore way too often. "I have to do yoga," "I have to reach my toes,” and so on. Our yoga suddenly becomes something mandatory rather than a practice that benefits your body and soul.

Every time you tell yourself that you "have to go to yoga class," you’re making yoga a chore instead of a conscious choice. Try to change these phrases to "I want to practice yoga" or "I will go to yoga."

By doing this, you will easily (and unknowingly) change your mindset, and yoga will become an amazing choice that you’ve fully and consciously made for a better self.

5. Make yoga fun!

Sometimes we step on our mat, and we do the same routine over and over again. The poses that you might have thought was interesting at first, now becomes boring and dull, and suddenly your yoga practice isn’t fun as it used to be.

In these cases, it’s important to change things up a bit. You don’t always have to get on your yoga mat with a strict routine in mind — make your asana practice fun and challenging by playing around. Try new yoga poses, playful variations, and sequences or practice with a friend. You CAN make yoga fun!

In the end, it’s important to remember that the reason you were off the yoga mat for a while doesn’t matter, what matters is you were able to come back! Yoga can be an amazing tool with endless benefits for everyday life – don’t lose it!

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