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How To Find Your Life Purpose

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Do you know how to find your life purpose? Why is it important to live your life purpose?

Feeling that there is no direction or meaning in our life is the leading cause of depression. When we have no connection to what we are doing, our life seems grey; there is no vibrancy without enthusiasm, just dullness.

We tend to go through the motions when there is no emotional connection to what we are doing. Moreover, it is difficult to stay focused and motivated without enthusiasm. We then lose excitement about life. How difficult is it to get out of bed in the morning when you have to go to a job that you have no interest in doing?

Discovering and living your life purpose is what provides enthusiasm and guides you to self-awareness.

Self-Realization and Yoga

We can examine this from the perspective of yoga, since people of various backgrounds do yoga and subscribe to its philosophies. The word yoga in Sanskrit means yolk, or union. This union is defined by the union between you and your higher-self (self-realization), and you and your god (god-realization).

Self-realization is the path to god-realization; as you discover who you are, you understand your connection to God. This is the general purpose that we all share. This is a big purpose, and quite abstract. So, how do we get there?

In addition to this general purpose that we all share, each of us has our own unique life purpose. It is this individual life purpose that guides you to your potential, and is a direct path to self-realization and god-realization.

What is your individual life purpose?

We often think of ourselves as human beings that, at times, have spiritual experiences. However, a more appropriate perspective is that:

We are spiritual beings having a human experience through the mind-body vehicle. ~Amarjit Singh

Moreover, this human experience is an aid to our spiritual development. With this view we can focus on our soul as experienced in its journey. This perspective opens our eyes to the language of the soul, showing us how all events are an integral part of our soul’s development.

Each soul chooses its particular life situation prior to birth: family, location, time, – everything! These conditions are designed to assist you in your spiritual growth. Think of these circumstances as road signs intended to guide your journey.

The Importance of Self-Expression

If you are not true to yourself and deny aspects of who you are, you are not going to experience things the way you were meant to, or the way that would be the most beneficial to your development.

The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung defined the process of developing one's individual personality through a bringing-to-consciousness and assimilation of unconscious tendencies as individuation. As we bring to consciousness and reclaim our unconscious tendencies, we act in a clearer, purer, and more purposeful manner.

We remove inaccurate views of ourselves, providing a deeper understanding of who we are. Through this continual development of our personality, our expression becomes more inline with our deeper selves. We are then able to express our inner-message more clearly.

It is this self-expression that is the key to finding your individual life purpose and unlocking your potential. Your life purpose exists in discovering the most complete way to express yourself. This inner-message – your life purpose – is the theme that continues in every aspect of your life, and is the guiding principle behind ALL events.

This is the thing that, when you do it, it gives you energy, it motivates you, it inspires you, and it provides the greatest satisfaction.

How do you find your individual life purpose?

For some people this form of expression manifests as an artist, writer, doctor, lawyer, counselor, salesman, chef, mother, policeman, yoga instructor, – it could be anything. It is not any particular job; it is not what you do, but how you do it that is important.

The key is that when you are done doing whatever it is, you feel there was no other way you could have expressed yourself as completely. For example, I can draw a picture, but when I am done I still have the feeling that it is incomplete; it doesn’t express everything I wanted to communicate. However, when I finish writing, I feel content, like there was no other way I could have articulated my inner-message so clearly.

This message comes in an unlimited number of forms. It might be centered around one ability that a person excels at, such as a capacity to communicate, create, organize, or lead. However, for many it is a unique combination of a few abilities.

“Understanding of the self only arises in relationship, in watching yourself in relationship to people, ideas, and things; to trees, the earth, and the world around you and within you. Relationship is the mirror in which the self is revealed.” Jiddu Krishnamurti

It is your story, life purpose, and method to fully express yourself. It is also where your potential can be achieved.

Start with Awareness

To discover what this purpose is for you, begin by creating an awareness of your environment and how you relate to it. Everything is designed to guide your soul’s development to your purpose. There is NOTHING that is random; everything serves a function!

Your environment and the people you encounter are your mirrors, reflecting your inner-self. Through careful observation of who you are and how you relate to this world, you can become aware of your purpose.

You, consciously and unconsciously, create your environment to reflect your internal needs. One of these needs is for your life purpose to be fulfilled.

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