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How To Express Gratitude On The Mat

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There is a ton of power in the expression of gratitude. Think about the last time you genuinely thanked someone – did it make them smile? Everyone appreciates appreciation, and by expressing your thankfulness, you might just be making someone’s day.

And that should make your day. Taking part in the happiness of others is a quick and easy way to your own happiness.

Gratitude should show up everywhere in your life, but your yoga mat is an especially perfect place to cultivate gratitude. Here are a couple suggestions on how to express gratitude:

1. Show Up For Yoga Class

There is no better way to thank your body than to allow it to move. By now you probably know that exercising supports all the functions of your body, especially the lymphatic system, which moves all kinds of toxins out of your organs.

A little exercise every day is ideal, let your body know you are thankful for everything it allows you to do, and even the things it doesn’t allow you to do!

2. Try The Thank You Mantra Meditation

Spend a few minutes at the end of your yoga practice meditating with the mantra “thank you”. Say “thank” on your inhales and “you” on your exhales.

3. Thank your yoga teacher.

Tell your teacher how much you appreciated their class, and be specific. Nothing helps your teachers more than their students’ feedback, so be sure to tell them exactly what you loved during their class.

4. Write a handwritten thank you note to your studio

Being in business when the economy is having a rough time is really hard. A heartfelt thank you from clients will remind the studio owners and the teachers that their hard work is worth it.

5. Express your appreciation

Express your appreciation for someone new every time you come to your mat. The person who practices next to you. The yogi who cleans the floor after those especially hot, sweaty classes. The person who checks you in at the front desk. Do it often, and do it genuinely.

Be thankful for what you have, every single day.

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