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How To Do Spring Cleaning Yoga Style

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Spring-cleaning isn't just for your closets. It's also for our bodies! While helpful for everyone, it can be especially helpful for those of us whom have springtime allergies that cause our noses to run and our eyes to water. While over-the-counter remedies can bring relief from symptoms, there are also natural ways to get this cleaning done and alleviate some of our allergy woes. Best of all, they are all free or almost free!

Free Yoga

The warmth of spring will eventually find all of us and lead us into the promise land of summer. This means that many communities will be offering free yoga programs. For example, my nonprofit, Compass Yoga, offers free yoga classes through the New York Public Library. We offer these year round but during the warm weather months many other groups join our crusade to get more yoga to more people in more places through outdoor classes. To find a free class near you, Google your zip code or the name of your city and "+ free yoga".

A Week Of Fruits And Veggies

Many people are into juice cleanses that last 3-7 days. Blueprint Cleanse is one of the most popular ones. However, these ready-made cleanses can be rather pricey. A lower cost alternative is to spend a week eating only organic vegetables and fruit and drinking only water and green tea while getting plenty of sleep every night. The high quality vitamin boost, lighter meals, and the elimination of caffeine and alcohol will give your body a reset that's in line with the feeling of renewal brought on by Spring. Eating (blank) is known to particularly help springtime allergy sufferers.

Breathe Your Way To Better Health

Spring is a fantastic time to bring some breathing techniques into your life that help to un-stuff your nose and clear your mind. Nadi Shodhana and full complete breath are year round best practices. In the Spring, add Kapalabhati to the mix.

It goes without saying that getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night, having a relaxing bed time ritual, and drinking plenty of fluids is crucial to good overall health in any season. Get your regular dose of yoga, take advantage of the produce bursting from the farmers markets and grocery aisles, and add some pranayama to your daily routine and you'll be as filled with life as the world around you.

Happy Spring!

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