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How To Do Half-Dog On The Wall

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This week’s pose is Half-Dog pose on the wall. It’s a great alternative to Downward Facing Dog for those of you with wrist or hand problems. Let’s get into the benefits.


This posture is awesome at releasing any low back pain. (Recommended for pregnant ladies!) It stretches out the arms and back of the legs, and alleviates any tension in the neck and shoulders. Half-Dog on the wall is an excellent stress and anxiety reliever. Also, if you find that your day needs a pick-me-up on the energy, this pose will do the trick!


  1. Stand facing a wall, about a leg’s length away.
  2. Place your hands on the wall anywhere between shoulder and elbow height. (You would want shoulder height if you want to decrease the stretch in the hamstrings and elbow height if you’re more flexible.)
  3. Actively press the finger pads and palms of your hands like you’re rooting to the wall.
  4. Dynamically elongate the line from the crown of the head to the wall and the hips directly behind you, guiding them in opposite directions so you could create space in each vertebra.
  5. Stay here for five full deep breaths.
  6. Slowly come up when you’re ready.


  • I like to pedal out the feet, making a slight bend to each knee at a time to get the feel of the stretch in the hamstrings.
  • Keep the neck neutral to the spine.


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