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How to Do a Yoga Tune-Up in 3 Easy Steps

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What would you change if you could go back in time? Would you want to repeat chaos or tranquility? If there was a Yoga Time Machine, how much would you do to tune things up to live in alignment? And would you wish to achieve this with effortless effort this time, or with strain and striving like last time?

Tuning Up Your Life, Yogi Style

Our natural state of being is vibrancy and happiness. Yet, there can be times when we feel run down and worn out. This usually means we need a tune-up to recharge our batteries. Yoga can help us do that by giving us the time to take an honest look at how we have been thinking, feeling, and acting.

This recognition of how our heart is responding will give us the key to bringing ourselves back into alignment. We owe it to ourselves to do a regular yoga tune-up—at least as often as we tune up our cars or upgrade our software.

Yogically, you are the “authority” of your life. The Sanskrit word for this is adhikara, which means you are responsible for acting in alignment with your dharma (or destiny). YOU are the authority on YOU! And only you can choose to get your life in tune.

1. Be aware of how your mind is working.

Thought patterns can grow rusty from habitually replaying the same thoughts. Where is your mind worn out? Do the brake pads in your brain need updating because you find you can’t stop thinking? Take time through yoga and meditation to be aware of what’s overworking or what isn’t working in your mind.

2. Check your attitude.

Are you grateful? An easy way to tune things up is by having a positive attitude. Think of this as the WD-40 of a healthy, happy life. Scientists have found measurable improvement in the actions, movement, and breath in those who have positive attitudes. Happy thoughts create happy cells.

3. Pull over before your engine seizes up.

Do you keep running out of gas? Overworking and over-activity will wear out your engine. Take a rest. Do some yoga! Just like you are supposed to drink before you get thirsty to stay hydrated, keep yourself running smoothly by giving your body adequate down time.

When all areas of your life are tuned up and in alignment, things work optimally and you’ll be more productive, while being more peaceful and free of stress. And it won’t take a fancy Yoga Time Machine to make it happen. Make your appointment with yourself today for a healthier, happier life!

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