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How To Be More Than Okay

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I read once that the biggest lie people tell is the fallicy of “okay”. Think about it: when you ask someone how they are what response do you usually get? “Okay”. “Fine”. Perhaps, “Good”? And, what response do you usually give when you are asked the same question?

Yeah. Me too.

Try Adding Jelly

The thing about “okay” is it’s like toast. You can’t argue with it but you can’t learn from it either. Okay is a filler; nothing more, nothing less. And, you, well you are a delight!

Now, I want to be clear here. I’m not saying that you cannot be okay. I’m saying the opposite. But, the fact is okay doesn’t usually mean anything. Do yourself a honor and acknowledge you. Be you. You might be technicolor fantastic! You can be tired. You could be anything, really! So be it. Put some jelly on your “okay” and feeeel.

Truth: we need to feel our feelings

Any and ALL of them. And, most importantly, we deserve this! At any moment, we are a lot of things. Often even, we are things simultaneously. (That’s a fun one for my boyfriend!) We are ever-changing and, usually, emotionally hungry. But, the more we feed ourselves the “okay” tagline, the more we starve our hearts by not allowing ourselves to feel fulfilled. Okay does not satiate our need for connection and acceptance. “I’m having a frustratingly human day and I got a parking ticket and I can’t figure out what I want for lunch and I feel scared because I do not know how to hold my ground without upsetting people” does. Just saying…

Hint: You might want to save the rant for your inner circle. Or, the internet…

Stop habituating the “okay” . Practice connection. Put some jelly on it! Be MORE than okay.

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