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How Not To Be A Yoga Burn Out (Tips For Teachers And Students)

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Yoga has become a cultural phenomenon. Yoga is everywhere! You can toss a quarter into a crowded Wholefoods and hit 10 yoga teachers in any given city. In my city new yoga studios open every week, soon we will have a yoga studio on every corner.

Now, don’t get me wrong I think that’s a great thing! The more yoga out there the better. The practice of yoga is a great way to educate and take care of ourselves. I love that as culture we are changing the way we live and making more consciousness decisions based on what we learn on our mat.

The bigger question here is…how do we, as yoga teachers and students of yoga, avoid yoga burn out? Everything in moderation is the key to longevity. Here are 5 ways that you can avoid yoga burnt out:

Tips For Yoga Teaches

1. Take Some Time Off To Regroup

Mix it up a bit. Schedule regular time off like the first weekend of every month. Step away from your mat regularly and participate in other activities. Yoga does a body good but so does walking, running, kayaking and cycling. Use the strength and flexibility you learned from your asana practice to make you more skillful at other activities. Make sure your spiritual fitness and physical fitness is diverse.

2. Have Non Yoga Friends

Have friends who have limited or no interest in yoga. ( I know it’s hard but there are a few people out there who have no desire to do yoga-find them) It never fails when I hang out with my yoga friends all we do is talk about yoga.

My non yoga friends keep me balanced. Take a break from constantly being inundated with the practice. And stop buying so many pairs of black yoga pants you have enough!

3. Mix Up Your Schedule

Try teaching, and taking, different types of classes. Are you the Queen/King of Vinyasa flow? Step out of your comfort zone and try teaching a gentle class or a beginner’s series.

Not only will it teach you new skills, but it will change your perspective about yoga by allowing you to teach to a wider range of people. There is something really rewarding about teaching yoga to a first time student.

Tips For Yoga Students

So you signed up for a yoga membership and you’re going to make the most of it! You have dedicated yourself to hitting classes 6 days a week. This is the greatest thing ever, you feel better and you are looking better and for three months you are Yoga royalty. You are kicking asana at class and then boom- Yoga burnt out. You can’t get your ass back to class no matter how you try. Yoga to the rescue! How you get back to your mat after yoga burnt out.

1. Step Back A Bit

It’s not necessary to hit your yoga mat for a vigorous practice every day. How much is enough? Instead of starting out full guns into the practice practicing 6 or 7 times a week try limiting yourself to 3-4 classes a week. Be realistic. No one does anything 7 days a week forever.

2. Try Different Classes With Different Teachers

Variety is the spice of life and moving on to different practices will keep you focused and engaged for longer. Do yoga in the park. Reignite your light with a yoga conference or a class at a park or beach.

3. Develop Your Own Personal Practice

outside of the studio for 10 minutes a day. Just play with a few different poses and listen to what your body tells you. This can help you stay on the mat.

Remember at the end of the day it’s all about taking care of yourself in every way. Yoga is the key to finding awareness, self-love, compassion and balance. But remember everything in moderation is the key to longevity.

There is always the old adage too much of a good things can be a bad thing. Remember, balance is key.

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