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How I Overcame My Bathroom Scale Obsession

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I used to consult my bathroom scale every morning. Some people check the weather, I checked my scale. It told me my emotional forecast. It predicted my confidence level and the way I perceived the world.

If I were “fat” for the day, I’d feel unattractive, I’d feel inferior, and I’d be certain that everyone I met saw me through that same judgmental lens.

My mirror had the same ability to influence me. Puffy eyes meant a pitiful mood. An unsightly pimple could break me down, because blemishes felt like bullseyes. True, this was mostly during my tumultuous teen years, but those same tendencies linger in lesser degrees today.

Change Your Perspective

This is the human condition, and from what I’ve gathered, most of us struggle with the urge to stare too long at ourselves, to reach for what’s wrong when all the right things are slapping us silly.

So what’s a scale-obsessed yogi to do? Let’s just stop it already! Let’s smash the mirrors (not literally — because broken mirrors are messy), and toss out the bathroom scales. Let’s examine ourselves in a different way. Here is a simple exercise I challenge you to practice today to cultivate confidence and gratitude.

Recognize and Verbalize the Good

We all have a tendency to notice what’s wrong more than what’s right. It takes intention to see the positive and point to it. I grew up watching my mother dress in the mirror, mumbling insults to herself as she adjusted her skirt. I vividly recall telling her she was pretty one day. She replied, “Pretty fat, pretty ugly.”

Of course she was not entirely serious, but her response stuck with me. Throughout High School, I heard more of the same self-insulting remarks from my friends. It was typical locker-room lingo for teen girls in those days. If your internal dialogue is equally insulting, it’s time to start breaking bad habits and replacing self-slander with positive affirmations.

Researchers say it takes seven compliments to overcome a single insult. I bet you didn’t realize how damaging your sneaky side-mouthed comments actually were! Pay attention to what you’re telling yourself. Say something encouraging, even if you don’t fully believe it…yet.

Start With This

Today I abandon old habits. Everything I need to be brilliant and brimming with light, love, and power, exists within me. I will access it today, and begin to unleash my life purpose and potential.

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