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How Do We Restore Faith And Trust

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Recently we’ve been let down by athletes doping, corrupt government officials, and dishonest financial institutions. Who do you Trust? For most of us, our list is short. I get that. When I worked in the corporate world, I was convinced that in order to achieve success, I couldn't trust most people. Want a promotion? Keep it to yourself, and suck up to the boss. Just land a promotion? Be wary of those trying to take your spot. It is a vicious cycle.

Root Chakra Affirmation

May I Trust The Universe. May I Be Grounded. May I Be Stable.

Practicing Yoga reestablished my trust in my own fundamentals: my breath and my ability to move and control my body. I began to notice simple things—like gravity—and I relearned how to rest. The poses helped me feel more sensation. As I slowed down and felt more, I began rebuilding trust in myself to try easier. My effort became more efficient both on and off the mat. As a result, I felt more self-sufficient. I was suddenly less concerned with what others were doing in their poses around me.

Yoga Is Not Competitive – It Is Also Not Comparative

Yoga also helped me reestablish my trust in others. When you walk into a class there is an implied contract between you, the teacher, and the other students. You have agreed to practice with grace and follow the etiquette of the studio or situation. In turn, as part of the agreement, your teacher agrees to to have prepared an intelligent sequence of poses, music, and philosophy. You assume the best about them and trust their ability to guide you as much as you are trusting your own inner voice as you move and breathe as one part of the whole class.

To walk
the path of yoga
is to awaken to who we are,
so that we may stand with the?strength
and roots of a mountain?but be prepared
and able to move with the fluidity of the sea.
Realizing we are all waves
Of the same ocean
We are One.

Recently, I returned from guiding a Yoga & Surf Retreat in Costa Rica with Alchemy Tours. As is usual, I had not met half of our group. I am humbled to have clients join us from all over the world. They do so believing believing we will offer them the best experience possible. This shared trust and yoga of working together for a greater good gives me great hope for all of mankind.

If we can get along in smaller tribes, then might it be possible on a grander scale? I think so. Love yourself, love your day, love your life.

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