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Home Is Where I Stand: Lessons From Meditation

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I meditate to come home.

Home is less about a structure, a heritage, a piece of land, a state, a country, a continent, or a planet. Home is not defined by my career, my education, or my financial situation. Home is much vaster than all of these things, yet so intimate and innate. Home is where I stand and what I carry within.

Meditation is a beautiful tool I trust to bring me home, no matter the circumstance. It teaches me the patience similar to that of nature in allowing the vastness of my life to fill my ‘home,’ but not get consumed by it. This fills me with peace. This grounds me. This gives me joy.

Finding My Own Home

I was born in Japan and moved to the States at a very early age.

Physically speaking, I am not 'home' in the States because I look Japanese and to this day experience some cultural differences. When I visit Japan, I may look the part of being 'home,' but mentally and culturally speaking, I am a complete foreigner.

I have never felt a true sense of 'home' anywhere physically, and have often felt like a floater; but I grew to accept and to embrace my multicultural heritage. I became weary of trying so hard to find this feeling of home.

I have learned that sometimes, in seeking, we lose sight of what we already know to be true. In this case, I had spent years trying to create a sense of home when it was within me all along.

When I found meditation—or maybe it found me—I made a beautiful shift in my life. It was not until I began meditating that I understood its significance for me.

I can take meditation anywhere and the sense of peace it gives me does not rely on a specific place. ~Ayami Bassett

The moment I bring awareness to my seat and to my breath, I relax in knowing this is where I am supposed to be.

Meditation is not so much a thing I do. Its significance lies in less doing, non-doing, and stillness. I carry this with me in full faith that home is simply where I am, right now.

Movement is a fantastic privilege. But movement only has meaning if you have a home to go back to. And home in the end is not just where you sleep, it's the place where you stand. ~Pico Iyer

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