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3 Healthy Foods To Make At Home

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I’ve always been one for grandiose attempts to DIY various things (right now, I’m refinishing nearly all of my living room furniture), but most often, my attempts are culinary-focused. Whether it’s recreating a yummy dish from my favorite NYC restaurant, or an attempt at homemade vegan goat cheese, there’s much satisfaction in doing something yourself. Below are three healthy foods that, sure, you can buy in the supermarket, but you can also make at home, inexpensively and with whole, natural ingredients — and they taste great!

Nut Milk

Homemade nut milk is easy peasy and only requires 2 or 3 ingredients and minimal equipment. Simply soak your nuts in water over night, drain, pulverize in a blender with water, and strain the liquid from the solid parts through a nut milk bag. If you don’t have a nutmilk bag, I’ve been told pantyhose work just as well! Finally, flavor as you see fit (I personally like a little vanilla extract) and you’ve got yourself some delicious, homemade nutmilk.


Ever since I tried homemade tofu, I’m finding it difficult to enjoy the store-bought varieties. Homemade is just so much better and it’s so simple!  Start with homemade or store bought organic soymilk. Boil, add a coagulant like nigari or vinegar, and the milk will separate into curds and whey. Then you just get the curds into a tofu mold, let it press, and you have homemade tofu in no time!


I often kvetch about the kombucha-yogi stereotype, but here I am, fulfilling it. I love kombucha, and it loves me back, but it can be so expensive! What to do? Brew your own! There are a few companies out there like Kombucha Brooklyn who will provide you with everything you need. All you have to do is boil some water, add the ingredients, and wait. Genius!

What are your favorite things to DIY?

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