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Healthy and Active New Year’s Eve Plans

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We all know the feeling of waking up on New Year’s Day groggy, dehydrated, and all-around low. It’s no wonder we feel the need to create resolutions to feel better physically and mentally. But what if we decided not to wait until the first of the year to get healthy? Rather than staying out all night drinking, try these ideas for a healthy and active New Year’s Eve and start your year out feeling like a million bucks. 

1. Go on an Active Getaway

Rather than getting a group of friends together to go drinking, spend that money on renting out a cabin near the mountains, a beach house, or the equivalent close to you. Choose somewhere that lets you get out in nature skiing, hiking, biking, or swimming. Spend your day outside, and your evening inside cooking healthy food and enjoying time with friends. 

2. Get to Yoga

Lots of yoga studios hold special classes on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. These classes often feature a fun theme and sometimes even a social gathering to follow. Check out the studios in your area to see what’s on tap. This is a great way to stay healthy and connect with like-minded people in your area. 

3. Host the Party

Your house, your rules. Invite friends who you know are okay with skipping the drinking (or at least heavy drinking). Get together to play games, go for a run, do yoga together, or play football. You could even make it into a competition involving a handful of sports. Get creative and get people excited about your alternative New Year’s Eve. 

4. Go Dancing

In my opinion, this is one of the most fun ways to move your body. You don’t have to go to a loud, crowded club to dance the night away. Lots of cities have bars and restaurants that cater to all different types of music and crowds. Get Googling to see what you can find. You can get started early, get your dance on, and be home by midnight. 

5. Treat Yourself to a Nice, Healthy Meal

Eating out doesn’t have to mean gorging on french fries and dessert. Rather than spending your money at the bar on New Year’s Eve, try a new restaurant with a focus on healthy cuisine. Lots of restaurants have special menus for the holiday, and it’s a great chance to try new things!

Often, restaurants that offer organic, local, or vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free cuisine can be on the pricey side. But if it’s within your budget to splurge (especially if you’re not spending that money elsewhere), invest in your health with a nice meal. 

6. Enjoy a Spa Day with Your Friends

A quiet girls’ getaway is a great alternative to a New Year’s Eve party. Get together with some friends to book a hotel room for a night at a place that also has a day spa. Spend your day relaxing and feeding your soul with much-needed downtime. Enjoy a night in and watch the ball drop from your comfy hotel room bed. 

7. Hang Out with Your Furry Friend

Dogs are just plain good for our health, physically and emotionally. Having a dog forces you to get outside and move your body. They are also there to cuddle you all night long while you watch the New Year’s Eve coverage from your couch. Take your pooch on a special evening walk, or head somewhere fun together earlier in the day. Treat your pup well all day and you can rest assured that you’ll have a wonderful midnight kiss. 

The bottom line is that you don’t have to drink, stay out late, or overindulge to have a good time. Take this day and night to nurture the parts of you that need a little love. Whether it’s getting outdoors, laughing with friends, or eating well, all are wonderful ways to start a new year out on the right foot.

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