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Hardtail Yoga Pants: Premium Quality Yoga Clothing

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In the world of yoga clothing, Hardtail yoga pants are widely regarded as a top-notch brand worldwide. With their distinct roll down waistbands and a form that creates a perfectly fitted, seamless line, Hardtail has gained a reputation for combining fashion and function when it comes to sportswear. Yoga experts and newbies alike can vouch for the excellence the Hardtail brand entails.

A Different Class

Founded by Dick Cantrell in Santa Monica, California in 1994, Hardtail yoga pants were developed on the premise of their line of denim jeans, so they are fitted through the upper leg and a little bit flared at the bottom, which is a good look on any body type. Also of note is the quality of fabric the company uses in their sportswear. Using a pre-shrunk cotton-Lycra blend, Hardtail yoga pants are just the right thickness, with enough stretch and give to provide the optimal range of motion required for those more difficult poses and deeper bends, and they never shift or move out of place like pants made out of more flimsy material. Curve-hugging and durable, they give a nice shape to your body that feels good and lends enough lift and support in all the right places as well.

Not Just for Yoga

Hardtail yoga pants designs also stand out from the usual yoga pants we see. With a range of colors, patterns and embellishments to choose from, Hardtail yoga pants are both distinct and popular, even among those non-practitioners who just want a perfectly fitted bottom. In fact, they are stylish enough to easily make the transition from yoga studio to chic and casual urban wear on the street. This combination of mobility, vibrancy and comfort makes it perfect for day to day wear as well.

Of course, with such quality combining of form and function, Hardtail yoga pants can be quite costly. But just like investing in good sports equipment, such as expensive running shoes or an enduring yoga mat, you know that you'll be able to get many uses out of it before they get worn out, if at all. It gets additional points for being so versatile as to be able to wear it for a multitude of purposes, from running casual errands to going out at night. And they make such wonderful pants that you will actually look forward to your yoga classes or workouts.

Featured in New York Magazine, The Guardian, and The Washington Post
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